Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Going it Alone

Monday Day 4

It was still 35 when I went to bed just after midnight this morning and a few degrees warmer and raining when I got up this morning.  Another day up in the 40's with snow in the forecast for tomorrow.
I am hoping to review the Tax return today and give it the final Ok.

Rained here off and on today, I still have not gotten to the tax return.  I did walk out to get the mail and saw the dead deer was picked up from the lower driveway, thanks to our 911 Center that calls these into the state to pick up.  I snapped a couple pictures

One of the many deer trails out front

The creek is starting to run again
 Our new coach has a combo washer/dryer.  I have heard good things about the seminar Sandra Jones gives on how to use these European machines.  So I ordered her book to see if we can get ours to be Wrinkle-Free.

The Title speaks for itself
Wow were did the wind come from it is howling out and the temperature is down to 34 degrees.  Now its spitting snow.  Time to head to court.  Even though it is overcast today its still light out when I got to court.  A few weeks ago it was always dark at this time.  The days are definitely getting longer.

Really windy up on the hill at court I was glad to get home.  I checked in with the girls and settled in to have some soup for supper and watch a little TV.  I did finish the review of our tax return so I will send that off in the next day or so.  Thats about it for today.

Tuesday Day 5

Busy day today but not much to report on.  Still windy this morning and an inch or so of snow.  I left late morning to take care of work for court.  Then a session of court this afternoon.  Got home in time to change and head into WW.  Then over to Elizabeths for supper.  Came home in time to hear the State of the Union Address.  Now its time for some sleep.  Dr. Appointment in the morning.  No news from Bonnie in Aftrica.

Wednesday Day 6

Ash Wednesday

I was up early by 7:30 this morning, but I still struggled to get out the door by 9:00.  A few minutes late but I was headed to East Aurora for a Dr appointment.  I thought it was just my every 4 month routine visit but it turned into my annual physical.  All my lab numbers were good and no problems turned up during my physical.  Only bad news is that its time for another colonoscopy.  Actually I am about a year overdue.  So I have to get that done.

I stopped at CVS on the way home again.  I had gotten an offer for a free 8X10 photo.  I had picked it up yesterday and did not check it untilI got home, bummer they had chopped off the people on the sides.  I emailed customer service and they said no problem bring it in and they would reprint it.  So thats what I did today and in 10 minutes I had a new print.

A nice memory from last summer, now to frame it
I jumped on the tractor when I got home and made a couple quick passes of the driveway.  Its cold but the sun is out and it finished the job, the driveway is nice and clear now.  Then I got the blower out and cleaned up around the pavers.

Had my second cup of coffee once I got in the house.  Then I walked out to get the mail, then fired up the small blower and cleared the snow off the back deck.  Wow it takes a lot of equipment to keep the snow cleaned up around here.

Well nothing new in the mail for the IRS so I went ahead and e-filed my returns.  The federal one was accepted within an hour.  Waiting to hear on the state. No update on the state.

No further updates from the Mission Trip either.

Thats about it for tonight.  Thanks for Checking In!