Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winter Drags On


We made it to the end of the SuperBowl last night in at Elizabeth's.  It had snowed all evening and as we headed home the roads had not been plowed or treated on the last half of the trip home.  Coming down our hill I had it in a lower gear and the ABS brakes were pumping away.  As we approached our driveway we had a car coming up the hill with room to turn in front of, I would have preferred to wait but the car coming down the hill would have never gotten stopped.  So we were moving slow as I turned into the driveway but the CR-V pretty much kept going straight.  We were headed for the creek. As the right side tires left the blacktop the car turned and we were safely headed into the driveway.  An exciting way to enter ones driveway.  I hit at least one of the fiberglass marker stakes so I will have to check on that this morning.  It has been snowing a bit all morning and of course the driveway needs cleaned out again.

Every time I get ready to go out it snows hard.  Well it has to be done today so I am headed out to clean the driveway.  Well the driveway is done and its still snowing, but then it is winter.  Off to court in a few minutes.

It snowed the whole time I was in court but only about 1/2 inch on the car when I came out.  The salt is working on the roads and they are clear and wet.  Watched a little TV with Bonnie when I got home and now its off to bed.


Beautiful bright sunshine when we got up this morning, no new overnight snow so thats good too.  Forecast is for high temperature of 26 today, looking ahead it should be above freezing on Sunday for the first time in quite a while.  Bonnie and I have a bit of running around to do today as she continues her final preparations for her 6 week trip to Africa.  I also have some court work to do so this afternoon will go by quickly.

We finished our running around and got back home in time for lunch.  The sun disappeared and its overcast I think it is getting ready to snow again.  We are headed for WW tonight and then dinner with the girls.

Well our plans got changed.  Bonnie had a call for help from Palmer, he is leading the trip to Africa.  So after we went to WW we headed to their house.  We had a nice spaghetti supper and then up to the third floor ball room to pack and weigh all the bags they are taking to Africa.  Each person will check in two bags and then carry on one more with their personal stuff.  We finished up and then talked until well after 10pm.  The house they live in is the Palmer House in the Griggs Mansion in East Aurora, they have made it into a bed and breakfast.  Click the link to read about it.

Time to hit the hay now.


Sixty-Four years ago today I brought great joy into my parents hearts.  The sun is out and its not snowing so it should be a great day.

Couple hours later now and its snowing!  Only lasted a little while then the sun came out again.  I headed out and cleaned the driveway and the sun melted off some of the snow.  The car ran out of windshield washer fluid the other day and I got it refilled with our favorite stuff.

This rain X works really well
Since it is my birthday Bonnie made my favorite cake.  My mother called it Eggless Cake and while she never frosted it Bonnie puts cream cheese frosting on it and I like it even better.  We had a lot of the local family come over for cake and ice cream and I had a good time.  Then my sister called and sang to me also.

My Favorite Cake
I have been receiving birthday wishes on FB all day and that is really nice.  Well all have gone home now and time to catch a show or two on TV, then off to bed I have a dentist appointment in the morning.

I will post this now, Thanks For Checking In and thanks to all who made my 64th birthday a very good one.