Sunday, February 24, 2013

Keeping Busy

Thursday Day 14

Got this late last night our GD rising to new heights

She looks pretty steady up there
Also here are some pictures from Kenya.  They visited 5 different sites today all were schools I believe, the largest had over 1400 students.

Palmer getting set up

Some of the students

Bonnie chatting with the Teachers

Gary working on setting up a system
Not much new here this morning just more snow falling and moving more snow.  Looks like the deck needs cleared off.

Better take care of this
While I was out blowing off the deck I noticed the driveway needed cleared again also.  Weather forecast calls for temps above freezing so guess I will get at it.

I got the driveway cleared and about an hour of sun melted the little bit left and dried it off, what a difference a day makes.  I had some soup for supper then headed in to pick up the girls.  Elizabeth was sick but Alexus rode with me.  I went to our small group study and Alexus went to the youth study.  I got home just before 10 watched a little TV and now headed to bed.  I have an assignment for tomorrow morning.

Friday Day 15

Up this morning and out the door to take Alexus to the dentist.  Of course I took her to the wrong dentist and we were a couple minutes late getting to the right one.  We thought she was getting the final filling in her root canal but it turned out to be just a cleaning.  After I dropped her off at home I went up to the town building for a while to clean up some paperwork.

Then home for lunch and I spent a couple hours working on our budget.  Now that we are both retired and on a fixed income its time to take another close look at our budget and make sure it makes sense for our retired lifestyle.

Checking facebook I found lots of pictures from Kenya and the water filter team.  I have been posting them on my FB.  I do post a few selected ones here.

This system was installed last November

They checked on another older system

I think this is a new one

Pretty bush in front of the school, thats the van they are riding in

Some of the kids at the school 
Gary the beekeeper speaks to the students

I think this goat is a gift to the team
Not much else new today, we are getting sleet and a little freezing rain tonight.

Saturday Day 16

Second day in a row No New Snow!  After a leisurely breakfast I headed up to the town building.  The girls stopped in there and we ended up picking up a pizza coming home and watching a couple movies.  Not a very exciting day but not all days can be.  The Africa team is low on data minutes and they are leaving for Uganda on Tuesday so no new pictures today.

Sunday Day 17

Slept in a little this morning so had to hustle to pickup the girls and get to church on time.  No pictures again today.  But we got a message that one of the men was stung on the toe during the night by a scorpion.  Nothing to bad just very painful is the latest word.

After church Elizabeth made a good dinner or chicken, baked potato,  peas, and pickled beets.  Then we watched history being made.  Danica Patrick started the Daytona 500 on the pole, first time for a woman.  She also led a lap and finished in 8th place.  I came home in the middle of the race and finished watching it at home.

Warmed up today and this mornings snow melted and it rained some.  Got word that my grand niece was being dedicated at church in Pennsylvania.  The church streams their services so I am hoping to be able to watch.  Other than that I caught up on recorded shows and a movie.

I bid on a couple items on eBay yesterday and won.  The seller is in East Aurora so I hope to be able to run in there and pick up the items tomorrow.

Thats it for this week, Thanks for Checking In.