Sunday, February 17, 2013

Watching the Mail

Thursday Day 7

Still watching the email and mail for some news from Bonnie so I can report whats been happening.  Nice and sunny all morning here on the hill.

I headed in towards Buffalo for lunch today.  One of my favorite places to eat and a place my mother would ask to go to when I visited.

La Bella Sicilia on Genesee Street near Harlem
Bob C and I worked together at the Bureau and one of the best guys I ever worked with.  He beat me to retirement by a little even though I am a month older.  We still get together for lunch several times a year.

A serious looking Bob
We had the lunch specials mine was a lunch sized lasagna.

I wonder how big the dinner sized portion is
Despite its size it was easy to finish the whole portion.  I have never had a meal here that was not great.

I stopped at Harbor Freight on the way home but did not find anything I needed to buy.  Once home I tried to replace a corroded and broke shut off valve under Bonnie's sink but could not het it apart.  Then I worked on updating and backing up her computer.  Then it was off to pick up the girls for our small group study and youth group for Alexus.  We always have some snacks.  Karen made carrot cake from scratch and boy was it good.

Finally home, its snowing and the roads are covered in snow on the tops of the hills.  I was following a school bus keeping an eye on it.  Then I noticed a car that had spun out, it was across the ditch.  Too late to stop and check on it, but I did call it in to the dispatchers at the 911 Center so they could send a car to check on it.

Thats it for me today.

Friday Day 8

Well the decaf coffee I drank last night kept me awake until 2am.  Then I was up by 8 this morning.  It was snowing a little when I got up but it did not last long.  Lots of ice out on the pavers so when I went out to head up to the town building to work on paperwork I spread a lot of salt.  I was gone just a couple hours.  I spread salt on more ice when I got back.  Funny there was no mail today.

I did get some pictures from the Mission Team today.

Bonnie instructing

One of the groups

At a school

Good news both my tax returns have now been accepted.  Bad news is the Dr from Massachusetts called and there is nothing more he can do to help with the insurance company.  He is also an Attorney and told me to sue them.  Don't think we will do that but we will certainly go to an emergency center the next time.  Just watch TV most of the day and dozed off and on.  Hope to get to bed early tonight.

Saturday Day 9

Its almost midnight and I have not updated the blog at all.

Got up this morning and while cold it was sunny.  After breakfast I went up to the town building and did a little paperwork.  Then back home and let the girls know I was home.  They came out as we had planned to go through the freezers and get rid of the really old items that seem to get buried in the back or bottom of the freezers.  The chest freezer was first and it had a lot of old stuff with freezer burn.  Not much frost and that was easy to clean up.  The side by side was next and there was not much in there that was bad.  The whole thing took more than 45 minutes and we have been putting it off for years.  Well now its done.

I did a pork tenderloin and some chicken for supper on the grill that we found in the freezers.  As I started to grill we got a blast of snow maybe an inch in an hour.  Elizabeth made mashed potatoes and peas.  Later we had a little ice cream.  We found a couple movies on Amazon Instant Videos and watched them.  The girls went home after the movies and I finished catching up on email and watch a couple TED videos.

Off to bed now.

Sunday Day 10

Woke up to a scene from the movies this morning.  Three inches of new fallen snow.  All the tree branches are covered.  The is no wind and giant flakes are drifting down.  Just beautiful.
But of course it means I will be cleaning out the driveway later today.  I think I can get out for church.  Picked up the girls and made it to church without a problem.  The pastor had a great message today.  We should not strive for success in our lives but rather significance.

The snow stopped and the wind has picked up some.  Guess I will wait awhile before cleaning the driveway.  Watching the mail has paid off, more pictures from Africa have arrived.

Waiting to see the nurse and Dr. at the clinic

Bonnie checking ears

One for the Doctor
Took it easy this afternoon and watched the Daytona 500 qualifying for the first time a woman Danica Patrick will start on the pole next Sunday.  Then I headed out and cleared the snow.  It only took me 35 minutes because I had shoveled right after church.  Twenty minutes after I came back in it was snowing hard.  Hopefully it will not snow long.  I heated up some home made vegetable soup that I had found in the freezer yesterday and it hit the spot on a cold day, it down to 10 right now.

Thats about it for this week.  Thanks for Checking In.