Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Changing Countries

Monday Day 18

Got a message last night after I posted the blog.  Palmer the trip leader got stung by a scorpion in the middle of the night.  They believe there is no real concern, except that it is very painful.  They did catch  the culprit.

Nasty sting
I also got a message this morning that we have a new Grand Niece down near Erie, PA.

Its a girl, Congratulations
Then a little latter I got a phone call and an invitation to dinner on Friday night, we are headed out for a fish fry.

Elizabeth and I had bid on and won a couple items on eBay.  The seller is actually our Youth Pastor who has run a successful internet business for the last 7 years.  Directions were to head to the big white building on Elm Street.

The big white building

Took a while to figure out what door to go in.

Found it

Loaded up the table top heater and a wood rack, some assembly required
I dropped the rack off at Elizabeths and headed home.  I worked on putting the heater together.  It looks like I am missing one small part so far but I think I can use a bolt and nuts to simulate the part.  I had taken all the seats out of the van but looks like I did not need to do that.  But since the seats were out I vacuumed the floor before I put them back in.  The phone rang while I was in the garage, good news, I now have a place to eat on Saturday night.  So far a pretty eventful day.

Got a quick nap this afternoon then up to court for a few hours.  Winter storm watch goes into effect tomorrow.  No further news from Kenya, the team is scheduled to fly to Uganda tomorrow.  Thats it for today.

Tuesday Day 19

Nice bright sunshine to wake up to this morning, but NWS has posted a winter storm watch, so the end of the day could bring the big storm that is moving in from the West.

Very little word from Africa, Palmer is recovering from the Scorpion sting and they believe it was not the type of Scorpion that can be lethal.  I just checked and Kenya Airlines says their plane is in the air so they should be in Uganda shortly.  They will stay there for the next 3 weeks.  I am headed for Batavia.  I have a lunch date with some camping friends at Miss Batavia.  I called in my RX refills and have a short grocery list to fill.

No confirmation from the team but the airlines says the flight to Uganda was on time.  I did get this picture from one of Bonnie's new friends on FB.

Bonnie with a new friend
I did some banking on the way to Batavia and got my checking account switch to another no fee program, they wanted to switch me to a $15 a month program, no way.  Then a quick stop at ACE hardware for s bolt to put the table top heater together.  Then to do little grocery shopping where I lost track of time and ended up heading to lunch a little late.  But I was just a few minutes late.

We had a nice talk and lots of conversation, Miss Batavia was full when we got there and we were the only ones left when we left, just before the supper crowd started coming in.  Bob bought a few of my filters that I had left from the old coach and I gave him some magazines to look at and he gave me one also.  I forgot to get bananas so I stopped again in Attica at Tops.  Then finally home.  The wind is picking up and the sky is getting dark, quite a change from this morning.

Carolyn had a nice surprise for me as we were leaving.

Fresh baked cookies, I must admit I ate a couple on the way home, very good.
Once home I finished putting the heater together and snapped a quick picture.

Now I just need some propane for it.
I got the groceries into the house and now time to relax a little.

Pickles, soup and bread, can't get much better

Wednesday Day 20

It was an interesting night weather wise I think.  First freeing rain, then sleet, and finally a little snow.  The temperature hovered right around freezing all night and then warmed a few degrees during the morning.  I worked on the budget some but Quicken handles loans in a strange way and the reports come out way off, so I have to figure that out.  I headed out around noon to get the main and decided to see if the blower would clear off the driveway.  The snow was mostly slush but it did manage to clear most of the driveway without plugging up.  It did plug a time or two and I had to get a tool to dig it out.

I also called Independent Health again, still working on getting paid for the urgent care Bonnie had  in November.  This time they took the time to look through the file and could not find where we had called the IH nurse and got the ok to see the DR.  She agreed to have them look through the logs an verify that we had called.  No promise to pay the claim yet but we are making progress.  We still have 2 levels of appeal that we can go through.  They have probably already expended more than the $175.00 that the claim is for trying to deny it.  Time will tell.

I made pulled pork, baked potato, and Jalapeño poppers for supper and invited the girls.  They came and we watched a couple movies, the second was the new Footloose.  Thats about it from here.

Thanks for Checking In!