Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Camping Season is Open, Lets get ready!


Well its been quite a day.  No snow thats good news.  The sun was out most of the day and that just makes one feel better.

Bonnie went out to work on the flower beds while I did some computer work and watched a couple recorded shows.  Then she came in and I headed out side to work on the coach.  First job was to replace the third brake light. That job went well.

Just 2 screws and splice in the wires
I also hung our Family Motor Coach Placard while I was working on the back.
 I crawled under the coach a little to look around, I think I have a slow leak in the air system.  I did notice that the oil filter and fuel filter on the engine don't appear to have been changed like they were supposed to be.  If they were they got dirty real quick.  I leveled the coach again and checked the solar charger and found it to be charging the batteries again.  I could not find the insurance cards so ordered new ones and of course found the ones I was looking for.  I also replaced the temporary registration with the permanent one.  Then I moved the car and decided to get the hose reel down from the garage attic.  I pulled down the folding stairs and went up and got the hose reel.  On the way down I missed a step and fell backwards about 3 feet.  I thought I landed softly but I am pretty sore tonight.  I dropped the hose and of course it broke.  It was pretty brittle from years in the sun.  Pieces of plastic went everywhere so I sweep all that up.

Broken hose reel I had a spare I got out.
Bonnie fixed a nice salad for lunch around 2pm so I took a break for that.  Then I had to make a quick run to the post office for court.  I came right back and decided to go ahead and wash the car.  Bonnie was out looking for flat rocks with the Ranger so I decided to wash the Odyssey also.

First the CR-V
 I was tired after the second car so headed into the house after looking for Bonnie.  I found the Ranger out front but no Bonnie.  I figured she was walking in the woods.  Found out when she got back that she was picked up cans alongside the road.

I showered and sat down to rest a little.  Next thing I knew it was almost 6 and court starts a 6:30.  Wow I had to get a move on, but made it before anyone showed up.

Got home around 8:45 and Bonnie had a nice pizza ready.  We watched a little TV.  I went out to the kitchen and the one light fixture is not coming on.  Hope it is just the florescent bulbs, thats on my list for tomorrow.  Used my amazon prime to order a connector to hook the car lights up to the coach and an under counter water filter so we won't need to buy bottled water.

Time to read a little and then hope to sleep well and let my body heal a little.


Nice and sunny this morning, so nice.  Bonnie and I checked out the light in the kitchen and it was just the bulbs and I had two spares so we got that working again.  Now I will pickup some new bulbs when I get to Batavia tomorrow.  We are heading to a track meet today for Alexus and then study group tonight.  I need to head out to the post office and bank soon.  Then maybe do a couple things on the coach.

Made it to the bank and post office, with there new hours who knows when they are open.  Someone broke off another one of the posts at the end of the driveway again, that has to be hard on a bumper.

Another addition to my to do list--replace post.
I picked up hot dog rolls for Bonnie, I thought they were for lunch, nope an early supper before we go to the track meet.

I went out to do a few things on the coach.  I set up the ladder and put the Wingman on the TV antenna.
Its the part to the right.  It helps pull in the digital UHF channels
I also put the CB antenna back on while I had the ladder set up.  Also checked the solar panel.  Then I put out the awnings and found a good sized wasp nest that I removed.

Guess this was missed when they readied the coach for delivery
Nest was above the ladder under the awning.
The TV in the Coach is going on 7 years old and it does not have a digital tuner.  So I measured it and it is a possible candidate for replacement.

This was an expensive option in 2006.
I put the generator slide out and recorded the hours on the generator and checked the oil and coolant.  Then around to the back to check out the oil in the big engine.  All levels were good to go.  Then I fired up the Hydro Hot and topped off the boiler fluid.  Time to clean up now and put everything away. But first I ran out and pounded the post in at the end of the driveway.   Just enough time to relax for 15 minutes before we leave for the Track Meet.

We headed over to Iroquois High School to watch the track meet.

Here we are
The meet was just starting as we got there.  Before long it was time for the low hurdles and I was able to capture a couple shots of Alexus

She also ran the 100 and did pretty good.  Bonnie and Elizabeth ducked out to pick up some supper and came back with pizza.  We had to head for our small group study, just down the street.  Another good turnout and a good study.  Finally home and got to relax a little.  Boy am I stiff and sore from my fall yesterday.  Once I sat down at the track meet I stiffened right up.  Another busy day tomorrow but it should not be too physical.

Finally time for bed!


I was up with the alarm at 7 this morning, have to take the car for an oil change and air bag recall this morning and be at Ray Laks at 9.  Then I am headed to Batavia to help a friend with some blogger issues.  I will get gas at Tops since we have a big discount built up.  Then to Home Depot for some replacement florescent tubes to keep as spares.  Then home for supper before heading to an open budget meeting at church.  That should keep me busy.  Its raining out this morning and is forecast for most of the day.  My left knee woke me during the night and I had to put some Sport Creme on it to be able to get it to stop hurting and allow me to sleep.

Made it on time got the oil changed, tire rotated, various things inspected.  They fixed the mud flap that had come loose and they did the inspection on the air bags as per the recall.  Our air bags are all ok, seems some are missing rivets that have to be replaced.  Headed from there to friends in Batavia to look at their computer.  Found the exact problem they are having on Google, seems many are running into the same thing.  We could not find a solution so will keep looking.  Then I called the DMV and Bob and I found a day he could ride with me to go take a road test in our new coach so I can get an endorsement on my license.  At first I got a bit of the run around.  The DMV person I called gave me another number to call and then the person at that number told me I would have to call the office back that I talked to first.  So in the end I called back and she got me an appointment and will send me the paperwork that I need.

Then we headed out for lunch.  Of course it was raining by now.  We had a nice lunch at Scooters.  I then headed for Home Depot to pickup new light bulbs for spares.  Then  to Tops to get gas with our discount.  But the machine would not read the barcode from my phones so I headed home.

Just finished a brief nap.  Now I am off to a budge meeting at church.

The meeting went well and I learned a lot.  Rained all the way there and all the way home.  I will have to check the Coach tomorrow and see if we have any leaks.  Time to send this out and relax a little.