Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Making Plans and starting the Spring Clean Up


Woke up this morning with my day all planned out.  That lasted a little over an hour.  The phone rang and I it all changed.  I got called to court and that took a couple hours out of the middle of my morning.  Had lunch when I got home and then headed outside.  I scrubbed and dried  the floor mats in both cars and vacuumed the carpets.  Nice day out and it was nice to be out.  Then I took a ride back in the woods.  Lots of trees down and the main road was blocked but I went around the other way and was able to make it back to the culvert that usually plugs up.  It came close but it did not so we dodged a bullet there.  We still need to clean it out but at least it is not plugged.  I pulled all the snow stakes along the edge of the driveway so I am starting to convert to our summer configuration from the Winter one.

Now to rest a little and then head up to court for the evening.  Routine night and back home in time to watch a little TV with Bonnie.  We also confirmed that we are heading to Pittsburgh for my Aunts 90th birthday party,  so we are looking forward to that trip.


34 when I got up this morning but it did end up in the low 60's.  It got darker out and finally started to rain off and on.  I did my banking and post office run and then spent a couple hours at court.

Bonnie was gone before I got up for a day with her sisters at a health conference, she got home around 4:30.  I was in the middle of an online course to get the continuing education credits I need for court, only 5 more needed but I usually try to get twice what I need.  Bonnie made supper and then it was time to leave for our small group at church.  We had a good turnout and a good discussion.

Alexus had a track meet and called just as our group was ending.  So we headed over to the high school to pick her up.  She was excited because Starpoint the team they were visiting has had very good teams in the past and they beat them so thats all she wanted to talk about, at least until she remembered she had not eaten.  Then she wanted food.  I stopped to get gas and she found something to eat in the store. We dropped them off and headed home.

I worked on reservations for our trip to Monroeville, down near Pittsburgh for my Aunts 90  birthday party.  So we have rooms now but may change if everyone coming into town wants to stay together.

Time to read a little and get a good nights sleep.


Bonnie was gone to her woman's Bible study when I got up this morning.  I had breakfast and read my blogs.  Then I did another on line course for court during which Bonnie came home.  She  was not feeling well and told me she was going to lay down after lunch.  I headed outside to try to do a little clean up.

First up was to pick up a few fallen branches where the ground had dried out a little

The grass is starting to green up
 Won't be long until the grass needs cut.

These are just from two trees
 I figured I better see if the mower would start.  It started right up.  The Sta-bil I added to the gas seems to have done its job.  I also had to clean three dead mice out of the shed and one White Weasel that had died on the floor.  I checked under the hood of the mower and did not see any nests this year.  I did have a low front tire so moved the up to the garage to air up all the tires.

All aired up and ready to go.
I put the mower away and then went and cleaned out some of the long ditch along the driveway.  I just had to take the garden rake and pull the leaves out of the ditch.  Once they dry a little I can pick them up and dispose of them.

Since Bonnie was sleeping I decided to do another 2 hour course.  She did get up during the last hour of that and went to the basement to work.  I finished the course and then got ready and left for dinner with my classmates in at the Flappy's.  We had a good turn out and it was after 9 when I got in from there.  I always enjoy our time together.  We shared High School together back in the 60's and now we share the joys of being Grandparents along with our life experiences.

Bonnie had a political party meeting to go to and she got home a little later than I did.  We watched a little TV and now its time to read a little and get some sleep.

Oh its Wednesday so I will say Thanks Again for Checking in and I will post this before the clock strikes midnight.