Sunday, April 21, 2013

Warm Days and then the Cold Front


Stayed up late reading last night so stayed in bed till 9 this morning to get my 8 hours of beauty rest.  Bonnie was up and headed to the lab for blood work when I got up.  Had my breakfast and read some email and blogs.  Bonnie got home with some groceries and pork butt.  I just finished putting some Pappy's Rub on two pork butts, now in the refrigerator overnight tomorrow morning they will go in the smoker for a good long smoke.

It is beautiful out trying to get motivated to wash the car but its supposed to rain the next few days.  Its in the 70s so I decided to sit out on the porch and do another on line course, I only need 2 more hours.  Bonnie is busy watching TV.

Well I finished both courses which gives me a total of 12 hours which is what I needed.  Then I talked to Alexus to let her know what time I will pick her up.  She goes to the youth program at church and I work in the sound and light booth during the Worship Teams practice.  Bonnie made supper and I have time for a quick nap before I leave.

Picked up Alexus and we headed for church.  Practice went well and I was home shortly after 9.  Very windy still and forecast is for more of the same tomorrow with falling temperature and some rain.  Time to read and then hit the hay.


Happy Birthday to our son 40 today!

One of our friends who reads the blog asked me yesterday if I had a hankering to assist in Boston.  I had to admit that I miss that part of my job.  For several years I had the privilege of responding along with other FBI personal and others in the Federal Law enforcement community to what were called Major Cases.  In each case we were able to assist in solving the issue at hand.  I miss that good feeling of helping those that had been hurt or wronged in some other way.

Woke to hear that one of the suspects has been killed in the Boston Bombing and the other is his brother.  Quick work well done Boston area LEOs.

Bonnie is off to the doctors for a routine checkup.  I fired up the Bradley Smoker and put the pork butts in to cook all day and 4 hours of hickory smoke.  Its getting windy and the power has been off once, that caused me to reset the smoker.  Pretty much watching the TV updates from Boston.

Had a call from our friend where Our House on Wheels is Stored.  They have to move a lot of the RVs tomorrow to get one out of the back.  I had told him earlier this week that we wanted it this week or next.  So once this weather passes today we will be ready.  I headed out as the wind was picking up but it was a nice 68 degrees ahead of the front.  First order was to wash off the salt from the blower and take it off the tractor and put it on its dolly.

Ready to remove the blower
Removed the blower and pushed it to the back of the garage.  I removed the carrier bearing and then put the brush guard and brackets on the front.

Brush Guard
I had to finish putting the guard on in the garage as the front came through and the rain started.  I picked up everything and moved it inside the garage.  Then Bonnie pulled in and I had to move the compressor so that she could pull in safely.

All ready for the loader
I finished putting the brush guard on and watched it rain for a while.  Finally decided to go get the loader and attach it.  It only takes a few minutes to attach but it was long enough to get pretty wet.

All set and parked in the garage.  Blower is in the back on the left.
It continued to rain so I headed into the house.

Still raining
The temperature dropped from 68 to 38 and has really slowed down the cooking of the pork but it will get there.  We got my son on the phone so we got to wish him a Happy Birthday.  Now to watch the news.

Great news they caught the second bombing subject, hopefully they will be able to piece the whole story together with his help, thats how we learn how to prevent more of these kind of incidents.

We pulled the pork out of the smoker after 9 hours and then wrapped it in foil and towels for a couple hours.  Then we pulled all the meat off and since its cold outside it is inside the grill out side to cool over night.  Then we can package and freeze some of it.  We started with almost 9 pounds and that yielded about 4 pounds of meat.

Ready to come out and be wrapped

Tough to get a good picture ready to pull

All ready to eat and be packaged to freeze
Its been a long day and so its time to get some reading done and some sleep.  Tomorrow we bring the coach home.


Woke up to a snow storm this morning, the ground and deck is covered.  I was about ready to call and cancel picking up the Coach but it stopped and the sun came out.  So off we went, I believe it was getting colder.  We drove through some snow but it had quit again by the time we got to Gainesville.  The coach was sitting outside and running and warming up.  We visited a few minutes and Bonnie went over to the house to visit while I checked the tires.  All good except the right rear outside dual was down to 70.  I cranked up the generator and got out the Sears air compressor.  I also turned on the HydroHot boiler to check it out and warm up the inside.  I filled the tire to about 110 the same as the others and was ready to roll.  No problems coming home but it did snow some more, with the temp right at 32.  The sun peeks out from time to time but does not stay long.

Home at last even though it snowed
I headed right up to court for a couple hours and got ready for Monday.  Then back home and put the pulled pork in the freezer after vacuum packing some of it.  Then I made myself a pork sandwich, it was really good.  Bonnie's parents stopped in for a quick visit and it was nice to see them.  Now I am hoping it warms up some as I have a whole list of things I need to look at and service on the coach.

More snow the deck is white again, going to head in to read and an early nights sleep.


Woke up this morning and everything was covered with snow again.  It was down in the 20s last night, enough already.  The girls were sick from something they ate yesterday so were staying home today.
Church was good and it was good to be there.  We stopped to check on the girls and make sure they were all right.  All was good.  Elizabeth had picked up a new Apple TV for me last night and I picked that up.  Once home I set it up while Bonnie made lunch.  No problems and the picture is much crisper as this is the new 1080P resolution vs 720.  I moved the old one to the TV in the bedroom and it works fine there.

Checked the solar panel on the coach today and it is charging the battery just fine today so maybe I will not have to keep it plugged in, time will tell.  Just got a call and my stylist is available to cut my hair so we are headed over there, more later.

Half done
We got to Bonnie's sisters just as she finished cutting Mom's hair.  I sat down and Dad came out to the kitchen to chat while I got my haircut.  We stayed and visited and Bonnie worked on some more pictures that the others had taken in Africa.  She is hoping to fill in some of the gaps she had.  Bonnie's folks headed home and we visited for a while longer until it was almost dark and then we headed home.  The sunset on top of the hill was beautiful.

Not bad for the iPhone
Living in the woods we do not get to see many sunsets like this, but it is very windy on top of the this hill.  Finally  home and will watch a little TV before heading to bed.
I finished "Big Lake Blizzard" last night so may start a new read tonight.

Thanks for Checking In.