Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Work Continues


So while it was snowing again at midnight when I went to bed, the sun is out nice and bright this morning and the grass is all green.  The deer and the crows are enjoying the front yard as I write this.  Bonnie has a dentist appointment later this morning so is leaving soon.
My knees are still barking at me so I am trying to stay off them today, but have a few things I want to do.

I did go out and check the Coach for a wet carpet after all the rain yesterday.  Good news all dry where it was wet last fall, I think perhaps a seal did not flip last time.  I put the slide out to air out the slide topper and let it dry.  Once back in the house I see it is supposed to rain again this evening.  While I was out I took a picture of the electric meter to send in the reading.  Our power usage looks like it is down for this last month, more good news.

Bonnie came home with groceries and when I took the Ranger back down to the garage I put the slide in.  Also checked the air pressure in the the RR tire its is down slightly right at 100.  Then I opened the electric compartment and took a look to see where I can mount the progressive electric management system.

The Progressive System needs to go in here.
I think I can find room in here, perhaps the back wall.

This is the unit to be installed
Time to put some muscle rub on the knee.  Spent the afternoon with my legs up and catching up on recorded shows.

Bonnie roasted chicken for supper, with a baked potato and corn, a very good meal.  I took a quick shower and headed to church to work in the A/V booth and set up the song slides for Sunday.  We were a little late getting out tonight but we had a good time working together.  I had a few rain drops on the window on the way but coming home it was raining steadily.  Bonnie planted some more flowers out front, its starting to look really nice.

Looking good
Late night tonight so heading to bed now.


Plans change quickly with a phone call.  The phone rang at 1:30am and I was soon on my way to court.  Was only gone about an hour but it took a while to get back to sleep.  Woke again at 7:30 to bright sunshine but was able to sleep another 45 minutes.  Then I woke Bonnie and got the coffee ready.

We were out at the end of the driveway by 9:45am.  The Patriot Guard was escorting the remains of 12 Veterans today from Buffalo to Bath for burial.  Here is a link to the story, click here for the story
They ask that citizens stand out to show respect for the Veterans.  About 10:15 we saw the police escort lights and over 100 of the Patriot Guard on their motorcycles come into view and pass in front of  us.

They were gone quickly but it was an privilege for us to be able to stand out front and hold our flag to honor the Veterans.

I headed up to court to finish the paperwork and take care of a couple scheduling issues.  Then back home to take it easy as my knee is still bothering me.  I did find a couple strange birds in the flower bed when I go home.

One of Bonnie's wind vanes
Its a beautiful day and I hate to waste it but am sitting here with heat on my knee.  I heated the Rice Socks Bonnie made in the microwave for 2 minutes and then on my knee.  Every once in a while I would repeat the process.  I believe it helps.  I tried to stay put but I made a couple trips down to the garage to work on the Electric cable that connects the car and the Coach as the connectors are different on the new Coach.  I also made a trip out to check the mail, no mail.

Then I uploaded 125 pictures for Bonnie and ordered them from CVS, she can pick them up in the morning.  Then I fired up the grill and Bonnie made some burgers which I cooked.  I threw in a load of towels also.  Then back to my chair.  We talked about a trip down to see my sister the end of May so I sent off an email to her.

Just went out to heat the rice bag and the trash was a little stinky so at 9:45pm I took that down to the garage and put new bags in the kitchen.  I am running out of gas and looking forward to a good nights sleep.  Looks like more nice weather is on the way.


Bonnie was up and out the door before I got up this morning, but I did hear her leave.  She is scrapbooking all day again, she seems to really enjoy it.  She is working on her Africa Trip scrapbook.  Another bright sunshine filled morning.  I hope to check out the wiring and cable that connects the Motorhome and the Honda today.  But first I need to pay some bills on line.

Finally got outside and went to work on my cable.  Then moved the car out behind the Coach and connected it up.

Used this wiring diagram

Used lots of tools

The final test
 Yes everything checked out as it should it work the first time.  So I ran out to the mailbox with the car grabbed the mail, turned around and put the car back in the garage.

Bonnie is adding a rock border to divert the water. 
 Headed to the house for a quick sandwich and something to drink.  I coated the tips of these forceps with some vinyl coating that we use to repair the dishwasher racks.

Coated the tips
I will be using the forceps to pull out and change the many small halogen bulbs that are in the coach.

Then back out to the coach.  I fired up the generator, put out the 4 slides and turned on the air conditioners.  They seemed to be cooling things pretty well, but its not real hot out either.  I turned on the TVs.  I actually got channel 51 on the back TV, so know the antenna is working.  I still have not gotten all the switches right to watch TV up front.  I can watch the DVD player, and see the menu for the Direct TV, but so far nothing from the Digital TV converter box.  Bonnie got home and I wrapped up things for the day.

Not much happening this evening, we are watching the race and a movie, Gnomeo & Jullet


Woke up again this morning to nice bright sunshine.  Elizabeth called and said they would meet us at church since they were headed to the zoo after church.  It was another great day at church the Worship Team did a great job leading the music and then the sermon was delivered by one of the members since the Pastor is still taking it easy after his surgery.  However it was announced today that he would be preaching next Sunday.

Back home and we changed clothes and headed out to the Coach.  I wanted Bonnie's opinion on where to mount the soap dispenser and a few other items.  Good thing because she had different ideas than I did.  I mounted the mounting plate for the dispenser with double sided tape and silicon glue, so it is setting for a day.  We put some Lime Away in the toilet since it has not been holding water, hopefully that will dissolve any hard minerals overnight.  Then we moved up front to talk about where to mount the GPS and 12V outlets.  Bonnie had some good ideas again.  I pulled out a drawer to check clearances and of course a screw was missing in the drawer slide.

This drawer needed a little repair
I need to order a couple things from amazon to finish this job.  I pulled some other drawers to see if I could make them stay closed a little better.  I did find a couple surprises.

Yes all these were behind some kitchen drawers
The previous owner must have wondered where all her grocery bags were going.  Well I found thme behind the drawers.  They are gone now.  

Bonnie did some more rock work and I picked up a couple branches before I headed in to the house.  The clouds were rolling in and you could tell it was going to rain.  It took a while but the rain did roll in and has become steady.  We picked a movie and watched A Little Bit of Heaven, pretty good but I did nap some.  We started another but it was not appealing to either of us so turned it off.

Bonnie fixed some supper and we settled in for the evening to watch the Sunday night shows.  Its been a good week and the weather looks good for the week to come.  Still lots of things to do around here.

Thanks for Checking In!