Wednesday, April 10, 2013



I just noticed this blog has been viewed over 20,000 times, WOW!

I got up feeling good had breakfast and suddenly felt nauseous, I tried to ignore it but decided I better lie down.  I ended up sleeping for 2 hours.  My ear drained some and I am hoping thats all I needed.  The nagging cough is pretty much all gone.  It was a lovely day but I figured I better take it easy.

I headed up to court and ended up being busy for 5 hours as we had traffic court and a small claims case.  It was after 10 when I got home and Bonnie was still relaxing and watching DWTS.  After that ended I was able to see almost the whole 2nd half of the Louisville-Michigan Final game.  Louisville came back from being 12 points down and ended up winning.  Now I am off to bed.


Right after I went to bed at midnight a big thunderstorm came through and it sounded like we had hail hitting the roof.  But I soon got to sleep.  I slept in some this morning and got up and got dressed right away.  I was out the door by 10, did my court deposits and business at the the post office.  Then up to court for about 6 hours.  Got home and tried to take a nap before we left for our study at church.  We picked up Elizabeth as it started to rain.  It was still raining after church and it rained pretty hard on the way home and a little bit of lightning.  Still raining hard as I head to bed I have another long day tomorrow.

Sorry not much excitement today.


Up this morning and had to hurry to get ready to leave for training.  I made coffee and woke up Bonnie as she was headed out in the opposite direction.  It was raining as I headed for Genesee Community College.  This is a required 6 hours of training with an assessment test I am required to take every year for court.

Ran into a train on the way first time in a long time.

Just an engine so not a long wait
 We got started right on time and went full speed ahead all day.

About 80 of us in the lecture hall today
 It rained all day at times it was so hard we could hear it inside the lecture hall.  It rained hard all the way home.  This is the small stream that runs under our driveway.

Lots of muddy water coming down the hill
We have flood watches and freezing rain watches for tonight until tomorrow morning  So it could be an interesting night.  So far in the last 30 hours we have had about 2 inches of rain plus the last of the snow has been melting.

Thats about it for today tired after a long day of learning.  Thanks for Checking In.

Be back soon if we are not washed away.