Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Again Green is White


Yes you guessed it the green grass is now all white again, its snowing.  So its like a blizzard out there and 0 degrees.  Now 5 minutes later it has stopped snowing but it dropped an inch of new snow.  Now a couple hours later and sun is out and the snow is melting.  The green green grass of home is back.

Bonnie and Alexus went shopping in Warsaw and I watched the new PBS series Mr. Selfridge.  I enjoyed it and think it will be a good show.  The girls got home just as I was getting ready to leave for court.

A few flakes when I left home and a full fledged blizzard when I left for home.  There was at least 2 inches of snow and some drifts.  The town trucks were still in the garage and the state trucks were not out plowing either.  I followed our clerk down the hill to her house and then continued on home.  Wow no telling where the edges of the road are.  Worst driving conditions I have seen in at least 20 years.  The snow came fast and last nights rain has washed all the salt away.  Anyway I continued at 15 to 20mph and finally made it home.  I only saw 2 other cars and they passed me going the other way.  Our hill was pretty slippery and one car was stopped in the middle of the road with its flashers on.  I eased down the hill on Route 20A and got stopped in front of the driveway and then turned in and was glad to pull into the driveway.  Hopefully all this will melt again tomorrow.

Bonnie had a nice meatloaf and baked potato ready for me and we watched a little TV while I ate.  Not much excitement except for the April blizzard.  Time to get some shut eye.


Thought I slept in the sun was so bright I got up and its only 8.  Had another toss and turn night lots of coughing so ended up taking NyQuil again but then slept pretty good.  I feel a lot better than I did a couple weeks ago but not quite right yet.

Hopefully the sun will quickly melt the 3 inches or so of snow we got yesterday.  Well it got very windy today and the north south roads had a lot of snow covering them and drifting on them as the wind blew the new snow off the fields.  It did not warm up much and while the roads and driveway melted off the yard is still white.  I left before noon to head down to the post office but alas the new hours have taken place and it is now closed between 11 and 2, I wish UPS would just take over.  Then it was off to the bank and finally up to court.  I ended up with about 4.5 hours of work to do and also made a second trip to the post office and bank.

Got home just in time to leave for WW.  After that we had supper at subway and then dashed off to church for small group study.  Busy day.  It snowed hard a couple time today but did not amount to much.  It was snowing when we came home tonight but not hard.

Well I am off to bed hoping for a good nights sleep but I still have a nagging cough.


Snowing at 8am

Bonnie and Alexus have gone off to do girl things today.

Snowing at noon

Still snowing at 2:30 but it is almost sunny.  Tried to nap in the recliner but did not do a very good job of it.

Snow stopped around 4:00  Bonnie and Alexus got home after 5.  I am still without any energy and still not feeling well, Bonnie brought me some Saline Nasal Spray to try today, lets hope it works.

Thats all the news from here.  Thanks for Checking In.