Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Ice Returns and some Snow


We had over an inch of rain last night and it continues to rain.  Bonnie was up and headed to Attica to see the dentist and shop.

While here the rain started to freeze.

Out in the backyard

icicles  on the bird feeder

Bonnie's Quince tree

Lots of runoff coming off the hill

This tree out front was just starting to bud
Bonnie made it home and said the roads were fine, the ice is just on the trees and grass.  Spending the day catching up on recordings and then this evening I have training in the tech booth at church.

The rehearsal and the training went well and Alexus went with me to go to the youth program.  Tired so I am off to bed, yes its still raining.


Good gravy its Friday already, where did the week go.  It warmed up overnight, good thing as its still raining.  I had breakfast and then headed up to work at court for a couple hours.  Real nasty up on top of the hill.

I snapped this picture of the last snow around the house, not sure how much is left in the woods.

Still a pretty good pile.
Soon I will get the blower off the tractor and put the bucket back on.  Then the pad will be clear and we will be ready to go get the Coach and bring it back home.

Bonnie had a political meeting to go to and by the time she got home we had over 8 tenths of an inch of rain.  We sure will be glad when the rain stops and the yard dries out, I think we are both ready to go out and do a little bit of yard work.  Well I am off to read a little after I lay down and then get a good nights sleep.  I am making an effort to get to bed a little earlier.


Bonnie was gone when I got up this morning, not to worry I expect her back latter today.  She is off to a whole day of scrapbooking until 10pm tonight.  She is all organized and hopes to finish or at least come close to finishing her Africa Scrapbook.

No rain since midnight but 3.4 inches this month so far.  I headed up to court for a couple hours.  I took a few minutes and cleaned out a couple of the small culverts that run under the driveway.

The water is flowing freely again.
However there is about 500 feet of ditch that really needs cleaned out.  Lots of leaves and small branches in there.  Well I think I will settle in and watch the Masters gold tournament for a while.

I looked out a while ago and its snowing, 36 degrees and snowing unbelievable.  Now lets go racing NASCAR from Texas.  Bonnie made it home around 10:30pm and the race ended just after 11 so we are off to sleep.  Bonnie said it was snowing again.


The roofs, decks, and the mulch around the bases of our trees are snow covered this morning but it is to be in the 50s today so lets hope this is the last of the snow.

We headed out to church and met Elizabeth and Alexus there.  Then we stopped at their house on the way home for a short visit before heading home.  Not much going on today.  We watched the start of a movie and then switched to another, Mirror Mirror.  Bonnie enjoyed it but I napped through most of it.  I did catch this guy, Varysburg Vick, our own local groundhog.  I think he was out back doing a snow dance again but I sent him on his way.

What nerve

Get going

Keep going till you are gone.
After the movie we watched the Masters and were happy to see Andy Scott win it, the first Australian to ever win the Masters.  They played in the rain all day long.

Well thats about it for this week.  Thanks for Checking In.  Hopefully this coming week will bring nicer weather.