Sunday, April 7, 2013

Looking up


Feeling much better this morning.  The sun is out and its 26 degrees, but the weatherman tells us it will be in the 50's later today and that is good news.  We have an easy morning today and are looking forward to lunch with camping friends up in Batavia.

The ice is right at the level of the propane in the tank
We took off for Batavia at 11:30 just a little later than we should have.  We had a great lunch with Bob and Caroline and chatted for quite a while.  We shared Bonnie's pictures and talked about future RV trips.  Even Alexus seemed interested.

On the way working on the iPad 
Bob and Caroline
After a couple hours we left there and headed for the Milton CAT warehouse to pick up filters to carry as a spare for the coach.

Spare filter for the Coach
Then we were off to Michaels so Bonnie could pick up some craft items.  Then we made a beeline for Attica.  I dropped Bonnie at TOPs and went across the street to get the car washed.  We were third inline.  The wash was did not do that good a job.  Then back to pick up Bonnie who was already impatiently waiting for us outside the store.

We got home well after 5 and I needed to leave again by 6:30.  I worked on entering stuff into Quicken and then quickly caught up on email and it was time to leave.  Alexus went with me and I dropped her off at her house for an evening with her mom, guess she is homesick.  Then I continued on to church, for more training on the workings of the sound and video booth.  That lasted until about 8:45.  I picked up Alexus and we are finally home.  I had some cereal and ice cream for supper.  Time to relax and watch a little TV.


The bright sunshine woke me up before 8 this morning.  Nothing on the agenda today.  Welling better this morning than I have in a long time.  Nothing on the agenda for today so I guess I will just rest up.  Seems I should be well rested I have done a lot of that this week.

I did go outside for a while today, it barely made it to 40.  I moved the tractor and Ranger around so we can easily get the Ranger out to use.  While they were out of the garage I swept that bay out before I put them back in.  I was a bit surprised as the Ranger battery started it right up.  I did put it on the trickle charger to sit overnight.  Then it was back in to watch some TV.

Got and email from a friend to give him a ride to Hamburg tomorrow to pick up his new motorhome, so that will give me a chance to look around again at Camping World.  Movie night here at the house with Alexus and Bonnie, The Rainbow Tribe and Cop and a half.


I was up early and had a leisurely breakfast.  I left the house at 9 headed for Attica.  Picked up a couple friends and headed for Camping World in Hamburg.  Today was the day to pick up his new motorhome.  We got to talking and I missed a turn and we ended up going through East Aurora when I was trying to avoid it.  But we made it and just a minute or two late.  He went to work checking out his motorhome.  I took a look around the store but did not see anything I needed.  I did check out the price of halogen bulbs and verified that the ones I ordered on Amazon last night were a really good deal.  Then I headed for home with a couple hour stop at court to catch up on paperwork.

Once home I swept out the mats in the van and also swept out the garage again.  Then had some of Bonnie's chicken chili for lunch it was very good.  Then I took it easy as I still feel tired all the time but I am feeling much better.  Bonnie told me the neighbor came over today to let us know that a bear has been seen around his bird feeders the last 3 days.

Looks like Elizabeth is fixing supper so we are headed in there.  Took these on the way to supper.

The snow piles are melting away

The flowers think it is spring


Nice and bright when I got up this morning.  We have a high wind warning for today up to 60mph.  We got ready and headed for church.  It has clouded up and seems to be trying to rain and it is getting windy.

Our Pastor was able to preach for the first time today since his cancer surgery.  It has only been about a month but it was great to have him back in the pulpit, both for him and for us.  Hopefully he will take it a little bit easier and resume his full schedule slowly.

The girls were coming over but have since called and said they did not think they were coming.  So we watched our recorded shows.  Also checked in on NASCAR for the race in Martinsville.

We had just started to watch an episode of Justified when the phone rang.  A friend was having problems figuring out how to use Google Earth to measure distances.  I worked with him on the phone for a while and then he said this is not working I am on my way over.  So we finished watching the episode and he arrived during the last 3 minutes.  I showed him how to do what he needed to do and we figured out what he was needing to do.  Then we visited for quite a long time.

I had a quick bite to eat and we watched some more TV.  Bonnie just brought in some ice cream so I am calling it quits for the blog update.

Thanks for Checking In.