Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yard Work


Up this morning and no place to go until this evening.  We decided it would be a good day to more an old flower bed.  That is if we could get it done before it got to hot.  Bonnie headed outside and I followed shortly.  It was a little wet in the yard so we have a little damage to fix once it dries out.

Bonnie pulled the weeds first
The next step was to scrape off the grass and move the boards

View from high atop the John Deere
Then we screwed the box back together

Ready for dirt
Then I moved the dirt and scraped the old location of the flower bed.

Let the grass grow maybe a little grass seed
Well it was 90 out in the sun and so we called it a day and headed in for showers and lunch it was 1:00pm.

View of the new garden from the Deck
Now a little relaxing before I pickup Alexus and head to Worship Team practice.  Bonnie made a good supper and I left to get Alexus and a friend of hers from school.  They went to the youth worship and I went to practice for Sunday.  Still warm out when I got home at 9:40.  I was surprised to see a package by the door and it turned out to be my wiring diagrams for the Coach.

 Time to hit the hay.


Up this morning and no breakfast, off to Quest Labs for my fasting blood work.  The waiting room was full but I had a 9:30am appointment.   They called me right on time.  Bad news was I got the new girl.  After several sticks in both arms the trainer took over and I was done in 10 seconds.  Then I was off to both our banks to deposit at one and withdraw at another.  Then a quick stop at McDonalds to get a little breakfast.  It was ok but not that great.  Then off to Valu Hardware to pick up some corner braces to reenforce the corners of the new garden.

Then off to court for a couple hours to update the computer and take care of some paperwork.  Finally about 12:30 I headed home.  I finished up the corners of the garden, that Bonnie had planted while I was gone.  Wow it is hot and humid out.  In to the house for lunch and catching up on the computer.  I hope to cut some grass a little later when it cools off a little, more rain is coming and the grass is growing like crazy.

I got a little cat nap and headed out around 4:30 to cut grass.  The grass rate of growth this last week was un real.

Hard to see but the grass is a foot tall here
I put the petal to the metal for a little over two hours and cut almost all the grass.  The blades were not cutting all that good so I changed the blades and gassed it up before I put it away.

All Jacked up
Bonnie had supper ready when I went in so I took a quick shower and then sat down to a great meal.  Looks like we may get some storms later tonight so I am glad the grass got cut.  Now I can take it easy the rest of the night I hope.  Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to bed I go,


Woke up this morning and looked out the back door to see a Pileated Woodpecker pecking at the bare ground where we moved the garden from.  Never saw one on the ground before.  Bonnie was headed out the door to go to the Strykersville yard sales, but first she harvested some rhubarb to take to her sister.  After breakfast I headed up to work at court for a couple hours and then back home.  Its not that hot but it sure is humid.

After lunch and a little rest I headed out to the coach to do a few things.  We are taking our maiden trip on Thursday so need to get a few things done.  I mounted the readout for the freezer and refrigerator thermometers above the door so we will notice it up front.  Then I mounted the Tire Pressure Mounting System on the dash.  Next was to put all the sensors on the wheels they all worked except the right front one.  I had to change the battery in it and then it worked fine also.

Mounted and working
I have a slow leak in a rear tire so I tightened up the extender and used a soap solution on it.  I did not see any bubbles but it is a really slow leak.

Here is how the reminders my sister sewed for me work on the steering wheel.

A good place to keep reminders
Wow we had some hard rain but it did not last too long only about a third of an inch.  Some lightning, we lost power for a few seconds and now it is pretty calm, but more may be on the way.

We decided to watch a movie and that took up the evening.  Thats about it for today.


The hard rain woke me up a few times during the night but it did cool down so I slept pretty good.  Not raining this morning but the phone woke me at 7:30 with an out of area call.  We get so many telemarketing calls that we do not answer calls that are not local or that we recognize.  We are heading to church in a few minutes, more later.

Had a great time at church today a good service.  Stopped on the way home to drop off the girls and to change a headlight for Elizabeth.  Then home for a quick lunch.  Then we headed out to visit some friends in Gainesville.  It was easy to spot their house with this in the front yard.

A beautiful Rhododendron  
Had to check the spelling on that one.  We had a very nice visit and Bonnie got a Mary Kay facial and some orders for her Thirty One business.  We were ready to leave and they insisted that we stay for supper and so we had a great Chicken supper with all the sides.  Just got home a little while ago just after dark.

Its been a great week and we are looking forward to getting mobile in the Coach later this week.

Thanks for Checking In.