Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And The Wait Goes On


I was first up again this morning and woke up Bonnie for her dentist appointment.  Its pretty dark out and a little rain is in the forecast.  I ended up taking it easy and waited for Bonnie to get back from the dentist.

The big news of the day is the worry about the Government Shutting down.  Sure hope Congress can get their act together and act for the good of the country.

Once Bonnie got home we watched some recordings as tomorrow we are getting a new satellite box called the Hopper and there is no way to transfer the recordings.  Then she headed out to take Alexus to a Dr. appointment and I went out and put the Cyclone Rake together.  Yep Leaf Season is open here on the Jae Homestead.

The leaves are adding up
I moved the parts for the Cyclone Rake up from the shed

Pieces and Parts

The foundation

Blower and hoses in place

All set up and ready to go
So I filled the bag 4 times today about 176 bushels, much easier than raking.  The grass is still growing and I need to cut the grass without the bagger at least one more time.  I made room in the garage for this rig and came into the house and showered and relaxed.  Had a big ice cold glass of Apple Cider, can't beat that.

Bonnie got back from her trip with Alexus, seems they decided to stop for supper, but she did heat up the leftover wings for me since I had waited for her and she did not call.

I had two calls on the coach status my daily one from Jeff at Colton and one from Jay at Wholesale Warranties.  Both with the same news, no news from the Warranty Company today.  Both think it is just the amount of the repair that is triggering all the reviews.  So hopefully we will get the approval tomorrow.

Not much more planned for tonight just watching DWTS with Bonnie.


Up to a sunny morning lets hope its a good day, lots to do.  I ate breakfast and headed up to court to take care of some paperwork.  When I got there our clerk told me she had trouble with the computer on the bench last night.  I had some reports to read to headed out there to read and check out the computer.  Sure enough it did not start up.  I rebooted it and Disk 0 of our RAID set up was bad it had failed.  That means we are can now run on Disk 1 which is the second hard drive.  I put in a call but it looks like they can not come and fix it for at least a week.  I will put in another call.  Than made me late leaving for home for an appointment with DISH.  Bonnie called me as I headed home as she had to leave to take her sister to a DR appointment.  She said that I had a voice mail from the warranty company and it sounded like good news.  I passed Bonnie as she pulled out of the driveway.

I checked the voice mail and shortly after that Jeff from Colton called to let me know that the repair had been authorized.  They are covering almost all of it which in this case is really good.  I was told the extra little bit I had to pay was more than likely higher than average labor rates.  So I accepted their proposal and the unit was ordered.  I know the person the unit is coming from.  He runs a great online forum.  So I called him and he told me the unit is almost an exact replacement, one pump has to be moved from the old unit.  It is a completely remanufactured unit by the factory.  So he was checking it over one last time today and shipping it tomorrow.  Estimate is 5 days in shipping and then a whole day to put it in.  So if all goes well we could get in a short trip on the long week end.

So fortunately the DISH tech was a running late and I got a few things done around the house before he got here.  Once he showed up we did a quick survey and then he got to work.  It took him about 2 hours and everything was installed, checked out, and he gave me a little instruction and turned me loose.  The Dish Hopper is pretty slick and if you have Dish you might want to look into the upgrade.

I took the air conditioner out of the bedroom window and took it downstairs now I need to find a place for it for the winter.

Well I am off to bed early as we are headed to the BCM to volunteer again tomorrow.


Up and at it at 6am, boy is it dark out at this hour.  Headed to the mission in Buffalo.  Well we just got home and its 8:30PM.  We had a good day at the mission.  Then stopped at Subway on the way to church for a quick sandwich.  I worked the visual arts part of the booth for the service.  Then we headed home.  So that is pretty much what happened today.  I did get word that our replacement Hydro Hot has been shipped by UPS and will be delivered no later than Wednesday next week.  Heading to bed early again as I am fasting for lab work in the morning.

Thanks For Checking In!