Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dr Visit--Freezing My Flesh


Up to the sun again this morning.  I have a Dr appointment, dermatologist for a routine check.  Its been a couple years and the last Dr no longer sees regular patients.  So I had to find a new one and it takes a while to get an appointment.  After that we have a lunch date with the Rindo's our camping buddies.  Hopefully while all this takes place they will be working on the Coach to get the Hydro-Hot installed.

I had a pleasant first visit with a new dermatologist Dr Severson.  She gave me a good look over and then froze 6 or 8 spots.  Then she scooped out a spot on my back and said she was sending it for a biopsy.  Bonnie was in with me and said its a form of cancer the biopsy will tell what kind.  Anyway I have to go back in 6 months.

I gave Bob and Caroline a call and we met at the Miss Batavia for lunch.

I told him to smile
 We had a delicious lunch again I enjoyed my hot Turkey and fries with gravy.  We talked about lots of RV stuff over lunch and then decided to check out Caledonia RV just east of here.  We had a nice chat with the service manager and looked around at the RV supplies and a couple of coaches.

We stopped for a train on the way
We took the Rindo's back home making a brief stop at the Penny Saver for Caroline.  Then we headed home.  Boy am I sleepy.  Taking it easy tonight.  Tomorrow will be busy again if it does not rain.


Another early morning.  I was up and out the door by 8:30.  Headed up to court to meet one of the IT guys who was dropping off a new hard drive.  He had enough time to change out the drive.  Then we fired up the computer and set up the RAID array to rebuild the new drive.  I had several hours of paperwork and computer updates to do and by the time I finished that the new drive was mirrored and ready to go.

Back to normal
 Once I was done I headed home.  Nice blue skies and the clouds are not too bad.  Its been pretty sunny all day and after lunch and a quick 10 minute nap, I headed outside to pickup leaves.

Nice views up at the town building today
 I picked up 4 loads of leaves, they are nice and dry and really packed into the cyclone rake.

Dumping another load 
I took off the rake and then cut the back and front yards as the grass is still growing.  It was supposed to rain this afternoon but it has not.  I showered and hope to relax some this evening.  Bonnie put some ointment on the wound from the mole removal and said it was deep.  Hopefully it will heal quickly.

I did check on the coach today, not sure the reinstall has started yet, but was told we are still on for Monday.


Up this morning and lots of sunshine again, I am loving these days.  One of the spots the Dr froze came off last night and Bonnie covered it with a bandaid.  This morning she was off to a woman's retreat with Elizabeth.  Alexus was babysitting at the same.  I headed up to court for a couple things and was back home in about an hour.

I had a bite to eat and then went out, hooked up the cyclone rake again and picked up the leaves and grass that I had wind rowed yesterday.  Now I think I can relax the rest of the day.

5:30 hungry so I fired up the oven to make some jalapeno poppers.  About that time Bonnie got home but it looks like I am still on my own for supper.

Peanut stick donuts, Bonnie brought some home for dessert.


Woke up to the sun but since then it has been trying to rain all morning.  We were off to church and it did rain in that way.  After church its still trying to rain.  Lots of traffic out on the road.  Its the main route from Buffalo to Letchworth State Park which hosts a huge craft fair this weekend.  Plus today the Buffalo Bills are playing at home so that also adds to the traffic.  I am dealing with a knot in my neck causing pain down my right arm, so am taking it easy after Bonnie rubbed in some Sports Cream for me and the hot rice bag on my neck.

Took it easy and relaxed even got a nap or two.  The girls came over and brought some chicken wing dip.

Good dip with celery
She also brought over a pork loin and I showed her how to prepare it.  Tomorrow it will go in the smoker.

Ready for the smoker
Well its been a good week and now its raining out sounds pretty loud, must be hard.  Thats about it for tonight so I will get this posted.

Thanks For Checking In.