Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Time to Winterize


Sunny when I woke up this morning, Bonnie has already left to take her sister to the Doctor.  I took care of some paperwork first thing and then had some oatmeal.  Then I headed out to start winterizing the coach.  So much to do here before we put the Coach to rest for the winter and head out on our Nov. vacation.

I took all the clothes out of the drawers and packed them in plastic tubs, same with the kitchen drawers. Then I brought the food into the house.

Packing up for winter
I cleaned the inside of the refrigerator and left the doors open for it all to dry.  Then I removed the water filter under the sink and put the bypass in.  I opened the fresh  water tank drain and let it drain.  I unplugged the refrigerator and ice maker also.  Then I took out the TV converter box that was not working and tried to solder it.  Put it back in and it did not work.  So I installed an old one that we had and it works.  I also fired up the HydroHot and it worked well again I also ran the generator and heat pumps to get a little heat in the coach and to exercise them all.  I then put pepperment oil on some cotton balls and distributed them in all the basement compartments and cabinets and drawers.

Took time to replace the lightbulbs in the garage door opener
I went to plug in the coach and my dogbone adapter is missing.  A quick call to Colton and its still there.  Jeff is going to have it brought to the house tomorrow.  By now it was after 2pm and I was hungry.  So I grabbed the mail and headed into the house.

Had some lunch and now to relax a bit before I head to court.

Busy night at court finally home, had some cookies and milk, now off to bed.


Woke up to overcast wet morning.  Today is the day I plan to put the pink antifreeze in the coach water systems.  A friend is coming over around 10 to help me.  Its in the 40's today yesterday it was in the 60's and beautiful.  Once again snow on the hill tops is forecast for tomorrow night.  Bonnie is off to take here sister downtown for her pre admission workup today.  Once I finish the coach I will head off to catch up on paperwork at court.

My friend came over around 10 to help me winterize the Coach.  I had already blown out the water lines and all we had to do is run the RV antifreeze through the system.  I worked the inside and he kept the suction tube in a bottle of the Pink stuff.  Only took a few minutes to do the sinks, shower and washer/dryer, also the outside shower.  Then we dumped a cup of antifreeze into each of the traps.  Last but not least we did the ice make line and valve.

All ready to get started
I cleaned up and put the stuff away.  While I did that and changed clothes, he loaded up some firewood.

Loading up some wood for winter heat
Then we headed to Ranchers Choice in Orangeville for lunch.  After that he headed home and I headed to the bank, post office, and court.

Finally home I got a call from another friend.  They just bought a new Winnebago View MH and he wanted to talk about winterizing it.  So I took out the trash for tomorrows pickup and waited for him.  We had a nice visit and it was good to catch up.

Had some of Bonnie's delicious chili for supper.  Time to relax and rest up for tomorrow.


We were up at 6:30 this morning and on the road an hour later.  We picked up Elizabeth and headed down to the City Mission.  Bonnie watched the babies in the morning and then helped me in the afternoon.  I am still scanning old volunteer records into pdf files to be stored on the server.  Then we can shred the paper records.  Elizabeth and I did go out after lunch for a bit to pick up supplies.

After that we took Elizabeth to Alden to the dentist.  We were early and stopped to do a little shopping.  About that time the sleet came down and iced up the windshield.  It did not last long so thats good.

Not much exciting happened today so thats about it.  We got home at dark, the UPS truck pulled in behind us dropped off a new GPS for us.  Some of the neighbors reported snow covered roofs tonight.

I had started updating my MACs to the new Mavericks operating system so I finished that up while Bonnie headed up some supper.  So far so good.

Well thats about it for the first part of this week, so I will get this posted.  Its 34 out at 9pm, sure am glad I winterized the Coach yesterday.

Thanks For Checking In!