Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Delivery Days


The rain woke me again this morning.  The windows have been open the past couple of nights but now the temperature has dropped into the 50's again.  Lots of those little bugs that fit through the screen are all over my sink by the night light this morning.

The part came in for the water system air injector today and the old one was leaking more all the time.  I was emptying the bucket several times a day.  So I ran over to Strykersville Hardware to pick it up.  Its a different design but it fits and looks like a better design to me.

First delivery of the week
I installed it as soon as I got home and no leaks, yeah.

It rained off and all day sometimes very hard and lots of wind.  I checked on line to see where my packages were on their trip to our house.  I discovered the cabin air filters for the cars had been delivered.  I went out and installed them both in about 10 minutes.  The dealer wanted like $70 bucks for these installed.

Top is the old dirty filter, the new came in a nice box
Bonnie went to pick up RXs and some groceries.  She also brought a pizza home so I had some of that.  Paid a couple bills and actually laid down in the bed for a 10 minute power nap.  Then a quick shower and off to court.  Busy night but got a lot done.

Finally home and as soon as the coffee I had earlier wears off I am headed to bed.


Bright sunshine this morning when I woke up, what a difference from yesterday.  The deer are outside in the back yard again.  I have not seen them lately but the UPS man always tells me he sees them late in the afternoon when he comes.  I have a couple hours and then will head to court for the afternoon again.

Spent the rest of the day at court.  Busy day.  We did have UPS deliver us a new paper shredder.  Two days two deliveries.

Off to bed we have an early morning.


Not much to write about today but something big to report.

We were up early today and headed into the City Mission to volunteer for the day.  We drove in ourselves as Elizabeth had an appointment afterward.

A got a notice early today that our Hydro Hot was in town and on the truck to be delivered.  A little later I received this:

Finally the delivery we have been waiting for
I texted Jeff at Colton and he verified that the unit was there.  The tech that will install it has to finish up two coaches that he is working on and then will do ours.  Maybe done Friday but more than likely Monday.  I also told him we wanted to spend at least a night there to make sure all the systems were working and full of coolant and that we did not have any air locks.

We finished up the day at the Mission and then headed for Elma.  Bonnie had missed church Sunday and wanted to hear the India mission groups report on their trip which was repeated tonight.  We grabbed a Subway sandwich on the way and listened to the RV Navigator podcast.

The church service was good and Bonnie enjoyed hearing the report.  Finally home and watched a couple programs.  We did have a small packaged delivered from Amazon.  Time to post this and get some sleep.  We are busy tomorrow also.

Thanks For Checking In!