Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cold and Wet and Oh So Slow


Woke up to this Special Weather alert this morning "Bands Of Lake Effect Snow Will Continue This Morning".  Here at the house we just had a heavy frost.  So happy for that.

This is just a few miles south of us
Today was mostly a day, I just took it easy.  The sun was in and out and I felt guilty one time and almost made it outside to pickup some leaves but then it got cloudy again.  Bonnie was gone most of the day taking her sister to the Dr again.  I got some of my preferences reset for the new Mavericks OS on my MAC.  Then updated the maps on the new GPS.  So we are making progress for the November trip.

Bob L stopped in to show us his new Winnebago View, very nice.  Of course it started to sleet pretty hard while he was here.  Bonnie did pork chops on the grill and a baked sweet potato.  Once I finish that I am headed to Batavia in this nasty weather for some court training.

Batavia Court Room
An hour and a half of driving for a 50 minute class.  Now I am off to bed.


Cold and Wet today I spent half the day at court doing research on a case.  Then back home.  It hailed and sleeted for a while this afternoon but did not accumulate.  Sorry but thats about all that happened today.


Up early 0600 and off to the the Men's Conference in Hamburg called Iron Sharpens Iron.

I had a good time on the conference today.  About 600 men attended at the Hamburg Wesleyan Church.  We had a group of about 20 from our church attended.  The Pastor even won one of the drawings.  The keynote speakers were Jeff Kemp, an NFL quarterback for 11 years and the son of Jack Kemp.  Don Davis also of the NFL, he played line backer for 11 years.  Both were very different but very good speakers.  I got home about 6pm, plan to take it easy tonight.  Still wet and very windy.

Jeff Kemp speaking

Up early again this morning its wet and cold but at least it is not raining.  I am working in the video booth at church today so heading there soon.

All went well with the worship service this morning.  I had to miss practice so I was a bit nervous but all went well.  My niece attended and sat with Bonnie and Elizabeth.  Afterward we hung around and visited a bit and Elizabeth had a meeting to attend.  So the four of us went to her house and waited for her.  We waited because she had prepared dinner.  A delicious pot roast, with turnips and veggies.  I have to say I would prefer potatoes but beggars can't be choosers.  After dinner we headed home.  Bonnie read the paper and we watched the Bills lose and later Jeff Gordon win.  I got a brief nap and now we are watching a movie.

Well I admit its been a slow week which makes it hard to write an interesting blog.  Hopefully we will have more interesting subjects soon.  I did make arrangements to put the coach in storage tomorrow, someday we hope to live where we will use it year round.

Thanks for Checking In.  I did read this quote this week and believe it is the title of a book also.

"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Not Big Enough"