Sunday, October 6, 2013

Visit to the Vampire


Up early again this morning and left the house hungry.  I have been fasting overnight and am headed to the Quest Lab.  They were busy, boy was I glad I had an appointment.  I needed to get in and out as I had another appointment in West Seneca.  So the Vampire called me back (her words not mine)  I only had to give two vials today and I was in and out in a couple minutes.  The waiting room was even more full.

Next stop was McDonalds I needed something quick, Egg McMuffin.  Then hit the road to Ray Laks Honda.

The Service Dept was ready for me.
I was there with the Odyssey for routine maintenance, oil change, and State Inspection.  Vince our salesman was there and we got to chat for awhile.  I asked him about the new Honda's having CVT transmissions and if they would be towable behind our RV.  He was not sure but said he would check into it.  Everything was done in just over an hour, car washed and after I paid I headed out.

Next stop was at Colton RV in Orchard Park, I wanted to take a look at the new service bays and building that they are expanding.  Its coming along and scheduled to be open the end of the month.  I was hoping to meet Jeff but he was at the other store.  I talked to Ryan for a few minutes, he sold us the Beaver Coach.

Next stop Tim Horton's for a Pumpkin Pie Iced Capp and some Timbits.  Loads of sugar but I survived it.

We do love to stop at Tim Horton's

Gas is down so I stopped at the Yellow Goose to fill up.

Lowest its been for a long time here
Then finally headed home.  Checked the UPS site and looks like our Hydro Hot is still on schedule and our Vegetable Cutter from Royal Prestige is on schedule also.

Supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow so I jumped on the John Deere and picked up 4 more loads of leaves and cut the front lawn.

The first 300+ acres
Bonnie got some chicken ready and I fired up the grill.  Planning to get to eat before I head to Worship Team rehearsal at church.  Busy day that has flown by.

Worship rehearsal went well and as an added benefit a community group is using the church for a quilt show.  They are beautiful:

Going to relax a little then hit the hay.


Heard it rain hard a time or two during the night.  Over 28,500 blogs views as of this morning.  Was up late as a early evening cup of coffee kept me awake.  I got some reading done and some financial computer work done.  Still up before 8 this morning and Bonnie was up shortly after.  She is washing bedding today and we put some new bright red sheets on the bed, hope I can sleep they are quite loud.

Then I headed up to court.  But wait there is a trail of water on the basement floor.  Traced it back to the water treatment system.  Seems that the Hydro-Charger device has a valve that was leaking.

Hydro Charger
So I shut off the water and started to take it apart.  The valve that keeps the water from leaking out was really dirty so I cleaned it and put it back together.  I put a piece of tubing on it and ran it to a 5 gallon bucket.  Of course now it is not leaking that is a good thing.

Cleaned up valve
So I took these pictures and sent them to Bill at Strykersville Hardware.  He was able to order a $12 rebuild kit.  So next week I will have that and if it leaks again I will rebuild the Hydro Charger.

I hooked a computer back up that we are having problems with.  We lost a hard drive but the mirrored drive is keeping us running.  The court system IT tech and I finally made contact with each other and he has ordered a replacement drive.  I told him I would be comfortable installing it myself.  So hope to get that fixed next week.

It has rained off and on all day so once I got home I managed to get a small nap.  Bonnie used the smoked pork and scalloped potatoes to make a delicious casserole.  A little TV in the evening and then off to bed.


Rained a lot over night and it continues to rain off and on today.  I headed to court and Bonnie over to Strykersville to set up for a pancake breakfast tomorrow morning.  Computers were still working and we got our monthly reports done.  I ordered a new shredder and then headed home.

Guess we will catch up on our recordings and take it easy since it is still raining.  I had a couple gallons of water in the bucket I set up in case the Hydro Charger leaked, guess it was a good thing.  I took it apart and cleaned it again.  Hopefully the new part will solve the problem on Tuesday.

Today is the homecoming dance for GD hope they have a good safe time.  I was napping when the phone rang, headed up to the town building to take care of a little business.

Home and headed for bed.


It rained a time or two overnight.  I heard Bonnie leave to work at the pancake breakfast, so  got up and got ready to head to church.  I had to help some in the visual arts booth.  The service was good today and the Team that has been in India did the service and reported on their trip.  It was good to have them back.

I headed to Elizabeths for pizza after church and Bonnie came there from the breakfast.  The pizza was really good and we stayed to visit for a little while before heading home.  We watched the NASCAR race from Kansas and napped a little.

We have a viewing to attend tonight at the funeral home in Arcade so I am going to go ahead and post this.  We are picking up and taking some of Bonnie's family so not sure what time we will get home.  Its been a busy week but we did get a lot done.  Hoping to have the coach back by the end of the week.

Thanks For Checking In.