Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Deep Freeze and a Blizzard


Well it was 44 at midnight last night now 22 hours later it is -2.  Its been quite a day weather wise.  As for us we pretty much just watched TV and I wrote out a couple checks and paid our campground membership dues by phone.

It has been snowing and blowing all day, I figure about 4 or 5 inches but most of it has blown away.  We lost power for about 40 minutes today, our generator kicked in and worked fine.  The DISH TV rebooted and we were back in business.  No internet but it came back as soon as NYSEG restored the power.

The NWS has been issuing warnings all day, winter storm, wind chill, and lake effect.  Then the big one around 5:30pm.  A Blizzard warning, the first one since 1993 and it is effect until Wednesday morning.  The Thruway was closed at 8pm along with the 400 and the 219.  All these are major interstate highways, I believe this is the first time they have ever all been closed for weather.
Our court along with most of the others in the area are all closed.  Now most schools are closed for tomorrow.

Well we will ride this out for tonight and check things out once it is light out again.  Stay warm out there.


Well its day light and it appears that the lake effect has drifted north.  I am pretty sure it will be back, but for now its pretty out.  Most of the wind is blocked by the hill but the tops of the trees are really blowing around.  You can see the trees have snow plastered almost completely around them.

I went out long enough to snap these pictures and clean snow off the DISH antenna, boy it is cold out still -2 out.  I plan to clear the back deck before we get more snow.  Forecast is still for a lot of snow later today.  Well it was so cold out that the recoil starter on the toro blower would not engage to start the engine.  Nothing left to do but bring it in the house to thaw.

A 30 minute thaw and she started
So after it thawed it started right up and I cleared off the back deck but boy is it cold.  I think I will wait on the driveway.  UPS notified me again that they would not be delivering today, maybe tomorrow if weather conditions allow.  Things are backing up, we still have trash that has not been picked up for over a week.  Looking ahead it looks like much better weather is coming our way.

Still 0 degrees out so stayed in and watched movies and the new TV shows.  Thats it for today, tomorrow we cleanup the snow I hope.


No new snow overnight and a little warmer up to 10 degrees.  It made it up to 12 and I went out and started the clean up.  We really were fortunate in this blizzard.  We only had about 6.5 inches of snow here while those around us got 18 inches or more.  This snow was a lot heavier than the last lake effect we got mostly because it was driven by the wind.  This snow was easy to blow and never plugged the blower.  It sure was cold out on the tractor but I worked up a sweat while I was shoveling and using the walk behind blower.  Bonnie shoveled the snow off the porch and I was glad to get back in the house and the warmth.  The sun was out today and that made it much easier to be outside.

Looking back at the house while finishing the driveway

Even the small icicles have snow plastered on them

Nice to see the shadows, blue skies and the sun
TV and quick naps took up most of the rest of the day.  Still waiting on a couple shipments from UPS that have been delayed by the weather.  Also the trash was not picked up last week and we just got word it will be late this week.  Thats about it for today so I will get this posted.

Thanks For Checking In!

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