Wednesday, January 29, 2014



Bonnie got up around 3am this morning but I did not hear her.  She was taking her sister to the hospital in Buffalo for a hip replacement they had to be there by 5:30am.  The weather was really nasty when I woke up snowing and blowing, looks like we got another 4 inches of snow.  First think I did was check my phone, using Find Friends and I could see that Bonnie was at the hospital, good news.  I texted her and the surgery started on time and was in progress.

Finally got word that the surgery was over and had gone well, Thankful for that.  I also had a text that Alexus's school was on 2 hour delay.  She has a regents exam today not sure how that will be impacted.  Checked and the bus is to pick her up at 11:20 to take her to the test.  Got a call from her at bus yet.  I suggested she call the school and see if the buses were running late.  She finally got hold of school and the bus was late.  Feel sorry for her having to stand out in the 12 degree weather with it being so windy.  The good news is that the snow stopped and the sun is out.  She texted at 11:40 that she just got picked up.

Well I heard the test went well, some schools were closed and they have missed the regents tests until June.  Elizabeth's water is still working so thats good.  I went out and cleared the driveway, pavers and the back deck.  Bonnie's sister is doing well after her surgery and so Bonnie came home after 3pm and laid down she will probably sleep all night.

Tomorrow is to be around zero with lots of wind, the wind chill warning says it will feel like it is -30. Left over pizza and wings for me tonight.  The house is warm but the walls are cold and I sit near a window and outside wall, so I put on the third layer tonight and I am toasty again.  I have about caught up on the DVR recordings so may watch some instructional you tubes or read a little.

Lots of schools closing already for tomorrow because of the super cold wind chills.


Below zero here at the house this morning -2 is what  the digital thermometer said.  Thats the coldest it has been so far.  Its up to 8 now and the sun has been out all day.  Its interesting to see all the well defined deer trails in the snow going from bush to to bush and all around them.

While Bonnie caught up on TV I started sorting last years paperwork to get it in order for the taxes.

Sorting the receipts
I also decided to go through the files and get rid of old records that no longer need to be kept.  So I made little pieces out of the sheets of paper, emptied the shredder many times.  I took a break and had some soup for lunch and then back to going through the files.

Got the files sorted now I am on a forced break as the shredder is to hot and has shut down to cool down.  I collected the trash and relaxed a bit, then went in and finished the shredding.  Hoping to get back to working on the taxes Thursday.

Bonnie fixed a nice ham and sweet potato supper.  Then I headed out for our small group meeting, picking Alexus up on the way.  Bonnie and Elizabeth had a mentoring meeting at church so they went there.

We all were home a little after nine and now are heading to bed as we get up at 6:30 to head in to Buffalo City Mission to volunteer again tomorrow.  Another cold night in store as it is already -1 out.


Second sub zero day in a row -7.  We were up at 6:30 and got ready and headed to downtown Buffalo after picking up Elizabeth.  When we are home we try to volunteer at Buffalo City Mission.  The weather was clear but the traffic was really backed up on the Thruway, turned out to be a car broke down in a traffic lane.  But we made it and got to work right away.  We had a good day and got a large stack of documents scanned.  We got to see Dave Kennedy, Bonnie has traveled with him to the Dominican Republic on a couple mission trips.  He is starting to help at the health clinic here at the mission.  After lunch I took Bonnie up to Buffalo General to visit with her sister, who is doing well and should be discharged tomorrow.

The weather was horrible downtown when we left.  we were headed to SAMS Club to do a little shopping.  Then we took the back roads to get home and we finally drove out of the snow around Elma, but it is windy enough to be drifting the snow across the road.  We dropped off Elizabeth and headed home.

Sure was good to get home, out of the cold and now I am relaxing in my recliner.  We had a great day and feel like we accomplished a lot.  Another sunny day here at the house and no new snow.

Thanks For Checking In!

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