Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January Deep Freeze


Pretty dark out still when I woke up.  Not only is it overcast but its snowing and they say it will last until this afternoon.  The snow is still coming down pretty hard but it looks like the wind has left us.

Two PM and its still snowing.  I had to do something besides TV so headed out and cleaned about 5 inches off the back deck.  Still planning to clean the driveway before dark.

Well it snowed and snowed until after 4 and the whole time the temperature dropped.  It was around 16 when I went out and cleared the driveway of about 6 inches of snow.  Bonnie fixed supper while I was out and so we enjoyed that when I came back in.

That was about it for today.


Sunny this morning and very cold 5 above zero.  I headed up to work at court, some up there had sub-zero temperatures this morning.  Snow is in the news but for once it is not us, guess the east coast is getting a good dose of the white stuff.  Home for a short rest and then we are off to a small group study week 1 or 7 weeks.

We had a good study of Ecclesiastics with our new group.  It was -1 one on the way home and we soon headed for the warm bed when we got home.


Up early still dark out and its hovering around zero.  We dressed and headed to pick up Elizabeth on our way to volunteer at the mission.  Just a dusting of snow overnight so did not have to shovel.  As it got light the trees and the beauty of the snow draping them was revealed.  We had a good drive into the city and ran through a couple snow showers but no problems.  We had a good day and Bonnie and I made a lot of progress on our project.

The day passed quickly and we headed home.  I had an email this morning that it was time to read the electric meter again.  So we stopped and I headed up to the edge of the woods to read it.

Why oh why is my meter in the woods

Turns out we did not use all that much last month
So the electric bill will not be too bad, but the zooming cost of propane was all over the news tonight.  We have a price cap on ours this year and are due for a fill up in the next day or two.  Also good news the trash was picked up today on time for the first time in several weeks.

Looks like the deep freeze will continue for a week or two and Elizabeth just told me their shower is froze again.  I guess the insulating the plumber did was not in the right place.  Well I will get this posted and head off to bed.

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