Sunday, January 19, 2014

Road Trip


So I was in bed early last night by about 10pm, like I said I have not been feeling well.  I read for a while and then went to sleep.  Did not wake up till almost 9am.  Guess I needed the sleep.  It was overcast for a while but now the sun is out.  Thinking I will go out and clean the driveway off so it can melt, but first to check the forecast to see if the sun will do all the work and I won't have to burn any expensive diesel.  Bonnie got up and made some pancakes using a Trim Healthy Momma recipe. They have oatmeal and cottage cheese in them and they were very good and filling.

I needed some exercise so I did go out and shovel the snow off the back deck.  Then I used the tractor to clean up the rest of the driveway and I grabbed the mail while I was out there.  The sun was out and it did melt the snow off some of the driveway.

Nice to see the sun for a while today
Did not do much the rest of the day.  Bonnie left to go and volunteer in the clinic at the Rural Outreach Center.

I made my own supper and waited for Bonnie to get home.  Spent the rest of the evening watching TV.


Sunny and cool this morning 1/2 inch of new snow overnight, not bad.  We both slept late this morning and then Bonnie started the wash and I put the dishes away out of the dishwasher.  I guess it was not an exhausting morning.  I am headed up to court, but listening to what the President has to say in his speech first.

After the speech I headed up to court for the rest of the afternoon.  When I got home Bonnie had already left to pickup Alexus and meet Elizabeth at JoAnn Fabrics to see about getting her sewing machine working.  Then they went out to eat and I heated up some leftovers for supper.

Early to bed tonight as we are headed to Lewisburg, PA tomorrow.


We were up early and headed to Java to pick up Bonnie's parents.  We had three inches of new snow and it was still snowing.  The roads were very slippery and we had trouble getting up the hill in front of the house after stopping to grab the papers.  We picked up Mom and Dad and took the back roads to Dansville to pick up the interstate.  It continued to snow and even the lanes on the interstate were snow covered.

We made it to Pennsylvania again.
Finally by the time we got to the Bath area the roads cleared up.  As we got closer to Lewisburg, PA, our destination, the sun came out and it was in the low 30's instead of the teens like back home.  We headed right over to visit Bonnie's Brother for a couple hours.

We had skipped lunch so we decided to eat at Applebee's before we checked into the Hampton Inn for the night.

Tortilla soup has become one of my favorites
Dinner was ok at Applebee's, Bonnie's Dad ate more than I have seen him eat in a couple years.  A huge BLT, with fries.  Then over to the Hampton Inn we checked in and had some of their fresh cookies for dessert.  Mom and Dad were in for the night and Bonnie and I visited with her brother for a while.

Back at the hotel we found the staff very friendly and nice.  The desk clerk even got me a glass of milk and a couple more cookies.  We watched a little TV and then got a good nights sleep.


We were up early again and saw that it had snowed some overnight and it was still snowing.  We all went down and had a very nice breakfast and relaxed a while.

Enjoying a nice breakfast
Then Dad and I visited and sat by the fireplace while Bonnie and her Mom went to say good by to her brother.

Waiting for the ladies to get back
Just after 11 we checked out of the rooms and headed for home.  The snow stopped and the roads were clear all the way back to Dansville.  Then on to the back roads again and the wind was blowing and lots of it was sticking to the roads and making for a tricky last 40 miles.

Glad to be home now.  It was nice to be able to use the NEST program to turn our heat up a couple hours before we got home, so the house was nice and warm when we got home.

It was a good trip and we sure are glad to be home.  The driveway is full of snow and the wind is howling so I will get to that tomorrow.

Thanks For Checking In!

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