Sunday, January 26, 2014

Deeper Freeze


Very cold still but the sun was out for a while.  I read today that Lake Erie is almost frozen over.  That will stop the Lake Effect Snow off Lake Erie and should stop a lot of the clouds so we may get more sun.  The sun has been blocked by the clouds again and it is snowing sometimes pretty hard.

The forecast looks like the temperature will be in the teens for highs for the next 10 days or more.  Hopefully the plumber is coming back to Elizabeth's tomorrow and is going to try again to fix her frozen shower.  Bonnie has gone to take her sister to the Dr. and then going to a sewing class with Alexus.  I have to head over for practice with the worship team. Until then I am catching up on the Discover channels Klondike.

I called about our propane today and they said the fill order had been issued and it would be filled the next time the truck was over this way.  Well I did not here the truck but he did come and fill the tank today so we should be good for another 4-6 weeks.  Then I headed out for practice with the worship team at church.  The roads were snow covered and it was still snowing.  Practice started late but I was home by a little after 10.  Elizabeth's landlord has the plumber coming to her house in the morning to hopefully get her water going again.  She said he is going to remove the tub surround and try to insulate the wall better.  So I will be headed to her house in the morning so she does not have to miss a day of work.

Well its midnight and 1 above zero, I am headed to get under the covers read a bit and then get some sleep.


I was up this morning ate, dressed and shower ready to go house sit at Elizabeth's while the plumber worked on her frozen shower.  Got a text at the last minute that he was running late and it would be closer to noon than 10am.  So I cleared off the deck and waited.  I also worked on the taxes some and we are trying to download a 1099 for Bonnie from a website that does not appear to be working.  So she will have to call about that.

Got the call a little after noon to head in to Elizabeths.  Looks like they are going to use some spray foam and also remove the tub surround to try to insulate.

Starting to remove the tub surround
 The first order of business was to remove the tub surround and insulate the pipes in the wall and add insulation to stop the air from moving through the wall.

Insulating done but still no water
There was one section of pipe below the floor that they could not get at.  It appears that is where the hot water pipe is frozen.  Then left for a while and Elizabeth was on her way home so I headed home.  They did return and extended the heat tape some and the water is flowing again.  Lets hope that it stays that way.  There is talk about moving the tub so that the pipes are not in the outside wall.  So the landlord has to make some decisions but for now the shower is working.

Tigger took it all in stride.
I had started a fire earlier and the cats and I enjoyed it.  Alexus got home and made us personal pizzas they were good.  The NWS posted Winter Storm Warnings and Wind Advisories for tomorrow.  Time will tell how bad it gets.  For tonight we are in for the evening and snuggled up in front of the TV.

The wind is already howling thru the trees as I head to bed, snow is starting soon.


Windy all night long again but just a dusting of snow.  After breakfast I headed up to pay the taxes and catch up on paperwork at court.  Lots of blowing snow and snow starting to drift on the road.  Back home finally a good day to stay off the roads.  I saw one accident and another poor soul changing a tire.  Our driveway needs cleaned out at the end by the highway from the plows.

Doorbell.  Turned out to be the FedEx man, he walked in from the road to drop off a package.

FedEx delivery
Turns out it was the Tervis tumblers I had ordered for Bonnie and I.

Eagle on one side, personalized on the other
The picture of the personalized side did not come out well.  They come with all kinds of designs and can be ordered at .  Our camping friends the Pitts had these at a campout and I have been wanting some ever since.  They also have a lifetime warranty.

Good news at Elizabeths the water is still working.  I also heard from my son in Alabama he just bought Tim Horton's K-Cups out there and is enjoying them.

It almost stopped snowing so I went out and cleared the driveway as it was especially bad at the end of the driveway where the plows push the the slush into the driveway off the road.  Only plugged the blower up once.  By the time I finished the snow stopped.  Wait a minute by the time I got in the house and warmed up it was snowing again.  And snowing hard a couple inches in an hour or so.  Oh well its dark I can't see it snowing now, out of sight out of mind.


Up early today and headed for church at 8am, I am volunteering in the booth today.  Bonnie went with me and sat in on the practice.  All went well and we had a very good service again.  Then we headed home.  I changed and went out and cleaned out the driveway of the 5 inches of snow.  A friend is coming to get wood today and he also is going to carry some up for Elizabeth.  Her and Bonnie have a 2-5 meeting at church and then the plan is to come here for pizza and wings.  Elizabeth will pick up her wood then.  Today was the coldest for me outside blowing snow off the driveway, thankfully it does not take that long with the driveway being paved.  So once again in the nice warm house, I got in just as Bonnie had to leave.  She had fixed a nice salad for my lunch.  So just catching up on things around here this afternoon.

The girls got here and loaded up the wood and then Bonnie came with the Pizza and Wings.

Lots of leftovers for this week

The wings were also very good
Now its time for a movie and then Downton Abbey.  Yes it's still snowing.  Bonnie is up at 3am in the morning to take her sister for hip replacement, please keep them in your prayers!

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