Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014......Ready, Set, Go


Well the New Year is off to a quick start as far as snow goes.  It picked right where 2013 left off.  It was snowing still when I got up this morning, and the wind was blowing up a storm.  We had 6 degrees and by late morning we got up to 10 out of single digits.  I blew the snow off the back deck hoping it would stop snowing.  No such luck.

It snowed all day and after lunch I got bundled up and headed down to Varysburg to get diesel and gas for the tractor and snow blowers.  The road out front was in pretty bad shape and it was snowing and blowing hard.  When I got to the bottom of the hill a deputy had the road blocked stopping traffic.  They also had traffic stopped over at Byrncliff so that the plows could try to clear the road and get some salt and grit spread.  The salt is not doing much at these temperatures.  Anyway by the time I got my fuel the traffic was moving up the hill again and I had no trouble getting home.  The driveway has about 8 or 9 inches of snow in it.  The CR-V had no trouble getting in or out.

Just before I went out I heard from my sister that my niece was in labor.  Shortly after I came back in we got an email that we had a new grand niece,  Charlotte (Charlie) Anne, congratulations to her parents.

Charlie with her dad
So my sister is a grandma again, and boy is she thrilled.  I was supposed to have practice with the worship team tonight but they canceled, the roads and snow were pretty bad and its down to 2 degrees now.  So I headed out to clean the driveway, I like to keep it clear if I can just in case of an emergency.  The clearing went smoothly and only took me about an hour.  There was not much traffic out on the road so I was able to work pretty quickly out by the road.  I still have a lot to clear around the pavers and edges but that can be done during the day tomorrow.   Hoping now to watch the Sugar Bowl.  Oh no Alabama is way down at the half.  Well I made it to the end of the game, sorry to see Alabama lose big time.  Off to bed.


Well it is cold this morning some are posting temps down to -5 but the lowest our thermometer recorded was .2.  Its still windy so I am sure it cuts right through you.  Nice thing is that the sun has been in and out of the clouds so that brightens up the day.  I am headed out to start the clean up, the back deck first.

The deck did not take long.  The Toro snow blower started right up but ran fast for a while and finally warmed up to were it ran the way it should.

2-3 inches on the deck where it is covered
I shoveled some and used the blower on the covered part of the deck to clear it.  Then moved around back and cleared off the back deck.

Clear again till the next snow
The woods are really pretty with the sun shinning, bit it is really cold, the snow is crunchy under foot.

Some how asked how we keep warm outside.  Layers lots of layers.  Today I had on 2 layers of pants, 5 layers on my upper body, t on my head and 2 on my hands.  With the shoveling etc I was toasty.

A good Carhart coat from my DD

Carhart Bibs from my DW

Hoodies are good here in the winter

Polypro gloves inside thinsulite mittens, a tight fit

LLBean boots with thick felt liners

Finally a good face mask
Once I finished with the tractor I shoveled and used a walk behind blower to clean up around the pavers, I should have taken off some of the clothes as I was soaked when I came in.  I changed into try clothes and Bonnie made me some hot tomato soup and a ham sandwich, really hit the spot.  Just having trouble keeping my eyes open.

While I was out I did blow back some to the piled up snow, thats what we do on a day with no new snow.

We keep making room for the next snow
 The NWS has already issued a watch for the next round of Lake Effect starting on Monday.  When will the Lake freeze over?

Even at 5 degrees the sun does its job

Easy to see where the deer are going to eat
One of the may deer trails through the yard.  We have only seen a few out and about lately.  We usually see a lot, must be eating else where this year.  Maybe I should take a short nap.

Well I got my nap and then headed for church for a seminar.  It is beautiful out, no clouds lots of stars and a new crescent moon.  I saw -4 on the car thermometer most of the way, the snow sparkles at those temperatures and crunches.  The snow is really dry and not real slippery like it is at higher temps.  The heater ran full blast all the way home and the car never got too hot, just comfortable.  Well I have an early morning so off to get some sleep.


My alarm did not go off again today, so I was up and out the door a few minutes later.  On my way to the men's breakfast at church.  It had warmed up to 15 overnight.  We had about 90 show up.  I went straight from there to court.  Spent over 2 hours up there on paperwork and the monthly report.

I left there and went home and picked up Bonnie, then back to church for the seminar on Israel.  I was working in the tech booth alone so needed to get there early.  I had a few surprises there but everything worked out well.

We left there and went to Elizabeths for a bite to eat before the evening session.  They had been to our house to get a load of wood and had raided the freezer for a pizza also.  There shower is froze up so we tried blowing warm air at it but still no water.  Then it was back to church for the evening session and I worked in the booth again.

Finally home and relaxing a little.  Also need to order a new clock radio.  Then off to bed.


Up early again this morning to get ready for church.  I was working in booth so had to be there early. Once again we had a good service on the Salt Covenant.

We headed straight home and have no plans for the rest of the day.

The driveway is slowly appearing

The big blower is also thawing out

Topper off the windshield washer fluid
We got numerous calls as the kids are out shopping and we had to look up things on the internet.  Then they called and said they were coming to watch a movie and I suggested getting pizza and wings.

So now the winter storm warnings and wind warnings are coming in on the computer so looks like it will be and interesting few days.  Well back to movie after I get this posted.  BTW it is still 36 here after dark, stay tuned the cold is on the way.

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