Sunday, January 12, 2014

First the snow and now the rain


I was surprised to see about an inch of new snow when I got up this morning.  The sun was out and that seems to cheer me up these days.  After breakfast I headed over to Attica to work on some computers at a friends company.  I ran anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-adware programs and removed lots of issues.  The scans took hours to run so I spent most of the day over there, but we got the 7 year old machine running a little better.  We decided it needed replaced and so I am doing research on that now.

Bonnie had steak ready for supper, I lit the grill but the cold kept it from heating up properly.  After 24 minutes on the grill Bonnie finished cooking it on the stove.  That and a baked sweet potato made for a mighty good supper.  UPS finally made it to the house today and dropped off 4 boxes, I think I have an alarm clock again that works.  Slow day but I did get a lot done.  Still very cold 16 but it is to warm up overnight.


Boring day, sorry.  Warmer today just above freezing, but no sun.  It actually got darker as the day wore on.  I worked up at court and wrote a couple letters.  Bonnie went back to Warsaw to pick up some RXs.  No rain yet but the flood watches are in effect.  Thats about it for today.

Highlights of the day were the stuffed peppers Bonnie made for supper and receiving this picture.

One of our beautiful Granddaughters


Raining and warm this morning.  I had breakfast and headed up to court.  Yes you guessed it another boring day.  It rained off and on most of the day and very hard for a couple minutes when the front barreled through.  I did sweep out some of the garage and left the doors up to air out and warm up the garage some.

Bonnie went with a group of Thirty One consultants to prepare a meal at the Buffalo Ronald McDonald house.  I took it easy again and watched some basketball, Duke lost they fell apart at the end.  Then a movie and read a little.  At 3PM it was almost dark out.

Doesn't show how dark it was.
Lots of water was running through the back yard again and the snow is melting pretty fast.  Still a lot in the yard and the piles but the roads and driveway are all clear.  Bonnie made it home and made us salads.  Thats about it for today.


Back to a light dusting of snow this morning, still very overcast and dark.  Its right at freezing so we may have slippery roads on the way to church this morning.  Well the roads were icy but the main lanes seemed to be treated, so we had no problem.  Church was good and was the start of a church wide 7 week study on Ecclesiastes.

We had hamburgers for lunch and then watched a mixture of TV, football and movies.  Its been a pretty plain week so I will go ahead and post this.  Spring is coming and that means camping season in WNY.

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