Sunday, February 23, 2014

Warmer weather, but still some snow


No plans for today, I just need a do nothing day.  It was in the 20s when I got up but it did make it into the low 40's and its still 36 after 10 tonight.  I pretty much managed to not do much today.  I did not even have to go out and get the mail as Bonnie got it when she went to take care of the cats.  Seems the cats are quite handy and managed to not only get into the cabinet where their food is but got the lid off the container and had all the food they could eat.

Just as Bonnie got home it started to snow.  It was like a snow downpour, the snow was literally coming down in chunks.  The snow was so full of water and it piled up on the DISH antenna and we lost our signal twice.  I had to go out and scrape the snow off the reflector both times and it came right back.

The wet snow blocked the signal
I did work on my photo library some trying to organize it so I have a better chance to find a photo when I need one.

We did hear from the girls today, they were in San Juan for the day and seem to be having a good time.

A new friend

Can you tell what it is
I woke up with a sore throat this morning, it is no better nor worse tonight.  Its been a good restful day and hopefully the inch of snow we got in the downpour will melt on its own.


Lots of wind overnight but it is above freezing so lots of melting.  Flood alerts have been communing in on my email all morning for the area.  Not much happening here today so we are taking it easy.  I am headed out later for a mens retreat and will be gone overnight.  I need to make a quick stop at court and then continue on to the retreat.

We had a turn out of over 70 men for the start of the retreat.  Good food and good speakers.  I had a nice room but found a wet spot on the floor with my socks still on, oh well its only one night.  They had some drains freeze up and I guess this was the cause.  Got to sleep around midnight.


Breakfast at 8 and it sure tasted good.  We are at Odosagih Bible Conference about 45 minutes from home.  Then we had speakers and small group discussions the rest of the day.

I headed home around 4:30, unpacked, rested a bit and then Bonnie and I went to another small group Couples Study in Attica at our previous church.  Finally home and time to catch up on sleep.


The girls have pulled back in to Miami and will soon be off the ship.  We pick them up this evening.  This morning we are headed over to Java Village to church.  Our grand niece will be dedicated.  So lots of family time.

She did good and did not cry much

She is a velcro baby and is happiest with her mom
Brielle will also be one year old tomorrow so its a big week for her.  We had coffee and cake afterwards and then headed Home.  Time for the Daytona 500 today.  The girls are at the airport and do not fly until around 5 and we pick them up after 8.

All partied out
The girls flight was about 15 minutes late.  Bonnie and I had dinner at the Hillview in Depew, its a restaurant thats been there since I was a kid.  It has been recently remodeled and looks very nice.  The food was really good and we have enough for lunch tomorrow.

Chicken Parm
We got the girls home safely and we are home.  The Daytona 500 was delayed so we are going to see the end of it.  Then off to bed.  Thats about it for this week.

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