Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Presidents Day


It was 5 degrees this morning.  I got showered and dressed and headed to East Aurora for a Dr. appointment.  Turns out it was also time for my annual physical.  Other than being cold in the room all went well and I am in good shape for another year.  My lab work was good also except for my higher than normal glucose numbers.

I stopped at court on the way home just to check on a couple pieces of paperwork, no court tonight since it is Presidents Day.  There was still that 4 inches of snow in the driveway, so when I got home I jumped on the tractor and cleaned it up.  I did not put on my boots and carharts and that was a mistake.  Even though the sun was intense it was still in the teens.  I was soaked by the time I finished.  So I went in the house and then out on the deck and cleared it off also.  The sun stayed out all day and it got up into the 20's.  So some of the driveway melted off the rest turned to ice.

Bonnie is feeling better and was out with her sister and on the way home stopped to check on Elizabeth's cats.  Then had the freezer open and knocked a door off a cabinet looking for stuff to eat.  Bonnie fed them and cleaned the litter box.

We may get 40s later this week so I am looking forward to that.  Hope to get the garage swept out and  the cars vacuumed out.  Bonnie did get the Odyssey washed today, must have had a pound of salt on it.  Guess we will watch more Olympics tonight.


The wind howled all night and it was still snowing when I got up, looks like about 2 inches of new snow.  The wind was wicked when I went out to the bank and post office for court.  I did see several cars off in the ditches.  I slowed way down and did not have any problems.  Bonnie was out also to go with her mother to an appointment.  I was glad when she made it back home safely also.  Hopefully the wind will end soon.

Worked on the computer this afternoon and tonight we head out to our small group meeting.  The girls are having a fun day at sea according to their schedule and tomorrow arrive in St Thomas for the day.

We had a good meeting.  The wind has died down so we had a decent drive home the roads are almost all cleared off.  Well its after midnight so I better get to bed.


Up early this morning and it was already 36, first its been above freezing for a while.  We were headed downtown to volunteer again today.  The roads were clear and we had clear sailing on the way in no traffic backups for once.

We kept busy all day at the mission and headed home around 3:30.  I got a notice on the way home that Elizabeth had posted a few pictures.  Sure looks like they are having a good time and no snow.

Meeting new friends on the beach
 Their first Port was Nassau and today they visited St Thomas.

They all look happy
 They are even getting towel pets in their staterooms.  I was disappointed on our Princess cruise that we did not get these.

A crab greeted them in their room
 Even the cats are having a good time at home.  They knew which cabinet the snacks were in.  They got the door open and opened the snacks and finished them off.  (Boy will they be in trouble)

The snacks are all gone now
Well we are home the snow is melting, even though we had a brief heavy snowfall.  The girls are underway to San Juan and we have nothing on the calendar for tomorrow.  Time to rest up a little as I have a busy weekend coming up.

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