Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The deep freeze continues


Cold, snowing and sun when I got up, an interesting morning.  First order of business was to Wish My Favorite Sister Happy Birthday.  After breakfast I headed out and cleaned off the deck and the driveway, we had about 5 inches of snow.  The sun stayed out a while and the snow stopped.  Bonnie watched some TV.

Over the weekend I finished the first run through of the taxes.  I had quite a surprise.  Our NY taxes were zero.  Seems that NY does not tax most of your retirement income or your Social Security.  In this tax and spend state that surprised me.  So I checked with some friends and their NY tax is zero also.

I also started working on our first trip of the year. In May we are going to the Escapees Boot Camp followed by their Escapade and then beating feet to Alabama to watch the grand kids for a few days.  Then we will work our way back home.  We are hoping to make it over to North Carolina and maybe Virginia.  We are members of the Coast to Coast system and see what showed up in the mail today.

Arrived just at the right time
I had a phone call from a friend today.  He called to wish me a Happy Birthday and welcome me to the over 65 Club.  Of course he did also mention that he was sitting at the pool in their Florida Campground.  I am happy for them and looking forward to when we are someplace warmer in the winter also.  Thanks for the call Don.


Up early this morning and headed to the Quest Lab for a blood draw.  Looks like we got about an inch of snow last night.  Then quickly over to Tim Hortons for some coffee and timbits.  I also did a deposit for Bonnie at the bank and picked up an RX for her at the pharmacy.  Then I did my running around for court in Strykersville and then up to court for a couple hours.

Snow is piling up at the edges of the parking lot
Finally home and decided to watch the Beatles tribute that got recorded the other night and enjoyed that.  Split pea soup for supper and now we are off to our small group study on Ecclesiastes.  We had a good time but boy is it cold.  We saw -9 on the car thermometer on the way home.  It clear as can be out no wind but lots and lots of stars are visible.

Time to hit the hay as we are heading to the mission in the morning.


We are up early and its -7 as we head out the door for the mission.  We had a good day and got lots done at Buffalo City Mission.  If you are interested in volunteering checkout .  We had supper at Elizabeths and then came home to relax.  I checked with friends that are in the path of the storm and so far all seem to be doing well.

My BIL got the parts for his TV and installed them.  The TV is working again and all for about $60 in parts.  So thats great and much better than $500 or more for.

We have been cold here but no new snow so that is good.  Time to sleep now.

Thanks For Checking In!

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