Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter is Back


Bright and sunny when I got up, but that ended after an hour.  Now the NWS upgraded the winter storm watch to a warning starting tomorrow afternoon.  We got a phone call Bonnie's Mom is having vision problems, they called the Dr and Bonnie is taking her to the MAC Emergency Center to get checked out.  Hopefully all is ok.

I have court so am headed up there.  Light night but some important matters were handled.  Bonnie's mother's tests were all negative so other than some follow up with her Dr. all is well.  The NWS has upgraded the Winter Storm Watch to a Warning and says we could get 7-10 inches.  Now here that is not bad.  It will be tough driving during the storm but will be cleaned up shortly after it ends.  At least that is how it usually goes.  Off to bed now


Sunny this morning, but the storm that was birthed in Texas is on its way.  I am off to take care of court business.  Got home pretty quick, still no snow but it looks like it is coming.  Well we have a few hours to relax and then head for our small group study.  Been thinking that I need to get going on the taxes again, although some more paperwork came in the mail yesterday.  Well we made it home before the snow started so time will tell how much we get tonight.


We made the decision last night to stay home today and not go downtown to the mission.  Looks like it was a good one.  We had 3 inches of snow when I got up and 90 minutes later we have 5.  The Governor has declared a state of emergency for the whole state, must be worse elsewhere.  Looking at the Radar this should end this afternoon but the NWS says we may get 13 inches.  Time will tell.  We are Thankful for a nice warm house and the ability to clean the snow off the driveway.  The snow slacked off so I went out and cleared the deck 7 1/2 inches.  A while later it started to snow hard again.

Snowing this morning out the back door

A little later out the front door
After 4 I went out to clear the snow on the driveway.  Still snowing but starting to slow down.  By now there was about 12 inches of snow.  I had to go slow and it took me 2 hours to finish the job.  There was still light snow coming down.  But I have a dentist appointment at 8am so needed to get it cleaned out.  Bonnie had chili for me when I came in, so that was good.

Heard from my sister in Philadelphia they had ice storms and have not had power since 5:30am, their trees are damaged and the neighbors tree broke and branches landed on their roof.  She is home tonight after spending last night at the hospital where she works to make sure she was there today.  Hopefully they will get their power back soon.

We are staying warm and watching the youtube of last night Creation vs Evolution Debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham.  I hope you all are warm and safe.

Thanks For Checking In!

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