Sunday, February 2, 2014

Whats Next


Very nice and sunny today temps are in the 20's so thats a nice break from the sub zero temps we were having.  Bonnie's sister called and so she has headed into Buffalo General to bring her home.   We finally were able to download her 1099 from Thirty-One turned out their site uses pop up windows that Safari does not like.  So I will get a little farther on the taxes today.  I think we have most if not all the forms we need but seems one or two always surprise me by coming late in the mail.

Well its twice as warm today as yesterday, but thats not saying much, it got up to 28 today vs 14 yesterday.  UPS dropped off some vitamins late this afternoon.  I did work on the taxes just did a down and dirty quick run through.  I still need a few things but I am confident we will be getting a little back.  I do think we may need to adjust our withholding this coming year.  All the kids were back in school today and so most things are back to normal.

Thats about it for today.


Overcast today.  We both slept in late.  Then there were a couple phone calls.  I headed up to court for an hour or so.  I got home over 3 hours later.  I am still keeping up with the paperwork and weeding out all the older outdated stuff that I need to get rid of.  Bonnie left for a haircut when I got home.
Once home she made a great meatloaf and coleslaw for supper.  Her sister called and is doing well, her at home therapist got lost so he will try again tomorrow.

We watched some TV and thats about it for today.  Big news in Buffalo today is that Donald Trump is in town, he is considering running for governor.


Snowing some this morning but it did not accumulate and it got up to about 38 today.  Bonnie had a meeting to go to and I worked up at court.  I am really getting the itch to travel and there are so many places we would like to go, we really need to edit down the list.

Tonight is going to be a movie night.  We are watching A Long Road Home, a little old but good.


Well I must be in a picture and blog slump.  Hopefully it ends soon.  We were up and off to church today which was good.  We had some snow and ice overnight but the roads were pretty good, but our driveway is icy.  On the way home we stopped at a new farmers market and the girls picked up some fresh produce.

We watched a couple movies this afternoon right up to the kick off of the SuperBowl.  The first half has been good for Seattle,  Denver has not shown up yet.  Bonnie made some good chicken chili and we enjoyed that.  There were a couple good commercials but since most have been leaked on line or on TV they were not surprises.  Bonnie's folks were going to come over for the game and I put down a lot of ice melt but it made it worse than it was.  We had some snow and freezing rain around 5 so I called and asked them not to come, no need in having them get hurt on the ice.

Well halftime is over and it will be late when the game finishes so I am going to post this.

Thanks For Checking In!

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