Sunday, April 20, 2014

A nice warm up


Sunny and cold this morning but it is to warm up nicely today.  After breakfast and our devotions we headed outside to the coach.  Bonnie has an organizer she wants to mount somewhere in the coach.  So we took a look and it looks like we found a spot.  I also mounted the clock and thermometer I got for Christmas.  I took the fire extinguishers out of the basement and put them back in the coach.

Then I spent about 2 hours trying to get the LED lights I bought to fit into the puck lights we have.  No go, I bent the leads, and then added some wires still the cover would not fit back on.  So back to the drawing board.

While I worked on the lights Bonnie started cleaning out the flower beds.  Finally around 2pm we booth came in and I had some lunch.  Now to relax a little.  Later I have Worship Team practice at church.

Did not get home from practice till after 10pm,  Heated up my dinner and soon went to bed.


Nice and sunny again and should get into the 60s today.  I was reading email when UPS came.  Bonnie was gone with her parents for DR visits.  UPS brought my new scanner so we can try to be paperless.  After 3 hours the last being online with Fitjitsu, they decided it was bad.  So I packed it all back up and let Amazon know it was defective.  They will arrange for a new one to be sent and UPS to pick up the bad one on Monday.

Then a few phone calls to friends and a bit of TV recordings.  Tonight we are headed to church for the Good Friday services.

Bonnie got home a little after 5 and was able to relax for a few minutes and have a bite to eat.  Then about 6:20 we left to pick up the girls and head for church.  We had a very nice Good Friday Service and it was very well attended.  Now home again.  I am going to set up the garmin GPS to update while I sleep.  Actually I just need to get it started.  I updated the maps on the older one last night.


Overcast today and did not hit 50 till noon.  Bonnie is off to the produce stand in East Aurora, I think we will wash cars and clean the insides when she gets back.

I headed out around noon to get started and Bonnie soon pulled in.  She brought the mail and no swatches from MCD.

Sure sign of Spring the hoses are hung outside
We opened up the cars and vacuumed out the insides and washed the inside windows.

Cleaning the insides

Hard at work
I scrubbed the mats and put them out to dry.

All nice and clean

Drying in the sun
Then we switched to the outside and washed and dried both cars.

Big smile almost done
I drained and rolled up the hoses, buckets and brushes.  Then I switched gears and got some tools out to work on the coach.  I wanted to change the fitting for the air hose in the back since the old one was not allowing me to insert the air fitting.

Old one on the left
 The other fittings are the air tank drains.  It came off easy and the new one went in easy.

Nice new shinny air hose fitting
 Then to keep it clean I wrapped plastic around it and used a garbage bag tie to secure it

All weatherproofed now
Next I was looking for a place to mount the outside temperature sensor four the new clock and thermometer.  Boy did I get a surprise.  On the bottom of a blank panel on the side I saw two clasps.  I snapped them open and the panel swung open.

Surprise access to a compartment
Wow I had wondered where all these aladdin modules were.  This is the back side of the wet bay.  The three tanks are in here as well as the Solar charger, a heater, and lots of water lines.  I am so happy I found this.  I even found a place to mount the temperature sensor.

Tank and power modules

The solar charger
So we ended up having a very productive day and Bonnie has a pork roast in the crockpot for dinner. Its been a great Saturday.

All the fresh air has me tired I am headed for bed.


Up before sunrise this morning and we headed for church.  Just the Worship Team was there the parking lot was pretty empty.  Practice went well and we had some last minute changes that we were still making when the service started.  But in the end it all worked out.

Then we headed home for a few minutes before going back in to have a ham dinner at Elizabeth's.  Everything was delicious.  While we waited for dinner we watch the second half of Frozen

Intent on watching Frozen
After we ate and relaxed a bit we headed home as Elizabeth had some online school work to do.  I was also for a quiet afternoon.  Then the power went out.  No problem the generator will start, nope its quiet out.  Bonnie suggested it might have something to do with the NYSEG truck we saw up the road.  I went out to see what the problem was.  There was an over crank alarm again like we had back in November.  Same problem the chock was stuck closed.  I moved that, cleared the alarm and it started right up.  The DISH reconnected and we watched a little TV.  The power came back on in about 30 minutes.  So I Googled the problem and seems others have had this problem also.  So the most suggested fix was to lengthen the choke linkage.  I did that by bending it a little.

Our generator

Under the cover

The choke assembly
I tested it and got an overspeed alarm but then it started working properly.  I will check it again tomorrow.  I closed that up made a note to change the oil and filters and then noticed the siding that had come loose during the winter and some that Bonnie pulled loose removing grapevines.

The loose siding
The siding actually moves a lot between winter and summer temperatures.  The brush we use for washing the coach on a telescoping pole worked perfectly, no ladder necessary.

Finally I can relax, but first I did a little research online on parts and manuals for the generator and sent them to Evernote.

We had bought some Salsa dry mix at the Hershey RV show last year and I mixed some of that up tonight and we just had chips and Salsa for supper.   Now to post the blog and relax.

Thanks For Checking In!

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