Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rainy Days


No rain yet today but it is only in the 40s.  I am hoping it gets a little warmer later so I can go out and take the snow blower off the tractor.  That way I can put the loader on the tractor so there is room to bring the Beaver home.  If the weather cooperates I think we may bring it home on Thursday.  There is some snow forecast for next week and maybe tomorrow but its time to get it home and ready for the summer.  Bonnie made it through a busy weekend and seems to be feeling much better.  Talk at church yesterday was that a lot of people have been sick with what seems to have been the same sickness as Bonnie had.

Saw this posted on FB and it brought back good memories of my Navy days.

Seems the girls watched frozen last night and Alexus even put down her phone to watch.

Frozen watching Frozen
The rained out race from yesterday was on at Noon today so we watched that for a while then I headed out to take the snow blower off the tractor and put the loader on it.

Time to put the blowers away
It only took about 20 minutes to take the blower off. Then I decided to check the battery level, it was good.  The hood has been catching when I open it and today I found out why.  The plastic where the hinges mount was broke.  So I loosened the nuts and put fender washers on and I think that will hold for a while.

Looks like I have a wheel seal leaking.
 Just need to install the brush guard now.  I will fix the seal later.

All done but the clean up
It was raining hard when I finished so I will put the loader on later.  I had a couple letters to mail so I ran them down to the post office and grabbed the mail out of the mailbox.  I made it in to see the end of the race and watched Joey Logano win.

We spent the rest of the day watching shows we had recorded and listening to it rain.  Tomorrow we head into the city.


Raining when I got up this morning over an inch in the last 16 hours.  Lots of snow is gone but there is still a lot hanging on.  Still raining when we left for the mission and continued all the way to downtown.  Bonnie and I worked in the volunteer office and worked on statistics and scanning as well as Bonnie wrote a lot of Thank You notes.  The traffic coming home tonight was not as backed up as it was this morning so we made good time.  We made a quick stop at Tim Hortons then on to the school to pick Alexus up from Track Practice.

Its trash night so we rounded that up and I took it out to the garage.  I moved things around and got the Ranger out, I was happy to see that it started right up and ran fine.  I always put Sta-Bill in the gas in the fall and so far it has always worked.  Then I jumped on the tractor and took it down to put the loader back on.

All ready to hook up

5 minutes later all mounted and ready to go
I picked up the boards and then backed the tractor into the back of the garage.  I used the Ranger and ran the trash out to the road.  Then I pulled all the driveway edge markers and put them away.

Supper (Stir Fry) was ready when I got back into the house, boy it was good.  Now I plan to sit back and relax.


The sun is trying to come out today but it is struggling likewise the temperature had problems getting into the 40s, but no rain or snow that I have seen.  Nothing on the calendar for today so looks like a day to relax and do a little around the house.  The yard is so wet it looks like water is running down the surface, which would indicate that the ground is still frozen.  The only time I left the house today was to get the mail and bring in the recycle bin.

Bonnie baked some muffins today and we caught up on recorded shows.  I could not keep my eyes open and napped through a lot of them.  The weather looks like it will be good tomorrow so we planning to bring the coach home tomorrow.  I checked with our friend Doug where we store the coach and he said sure come and get it.

The parking spot is empty and ready for the Beaver to come home.
The sun finally came out late today and pushed the temperature up into the mid 40s still too cold for me.  The yard has lots of branches down but they will be there until the yard drys out a lot.  Its time for the evening news and I am going to post this and take the evening to continue to relax.

Thanks For Checking In!

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