Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lots to get done


Lots to do in the next 4 weeks before our summer travel starts.  Nice and sunny again.  Bonnie felt good enough to head off to East Aurora on her own to do some grocery shopping.  She was gone a couple hours.  While she was gone I swept out the garage and watched the shows she does not like.  Its cool today still above freezing but not by much so the snow is melting slowly which is good.

Seems that sweeping the garage was about my only accomplishment for the day.  Thats it for today.


Rainy day today.  I was up early and rode in the mission with Elizabeth.  I worked on volunteer statistics all day and we ordered fried fish for lunch.  The rest of the volunteer department staff was busy busy.  Bonnie stayed home as she was still not up to par.

Bonnie made supper and I felt bad as I was too full from lunch to eat any of it.  It sure looked good stuffed pork chops and coleslaw along with a baked sweet potato.

Still raining here and it sounds hard at times.


The roofs and driveways were white when we got up this morning.  It did warm up a little and the white stuff was soon gone.  Bonnie was off to a meeting and I left a short time later for a meeting with my class mates for lunch in Lancaster.  I think there were several of us that enjoyed catching up on what has been going on over a good lunch at the Fireside Inn.  The last of us left after 3 hours, guess there was a lot to catch up on.

Bonnie and I were both home together for a couple hours and then headed over to Attica.  Attica Baptist church was putting on a dinner theater, with a message.  All the tables were full and we enjoyed another great meal and a really fun play.  We laughed and laughed.  Its fun to see friends get in character and present a good play.  The lighting was a little dark so the pictures are not real crisp.

Its the Dr Phil show

Dr Phil

Daren did the sound and got to eat in between acts
Our favorite Dentist and his wife who acted and directed the play
What a fun time for all.  We did get to hang around afterward and visit.  But its now midnight and time to get some rest.


Yea sun this morning when we got up.  We picked up Alexus on the way to church.  Church was full and the Pastor had a good sermon, before communion.  Then we attended a membership meeting with lunch afterward.

Alexus needed some lightbulbs so we went into the village and picked some up at Value.  Then headed for home.  The garage door would not open at Elizabeths from the keypad.  But Alexus replaced the battery and got it working again.  We turned on TV expecting to see the race but its raining in Texas.  NASCAR has had problems with rain this season.  Its a free weekend on the HBO channels this weekend so we watch "The Great Gatsby"  it was ok, just not my cup of tea.  Checked on the race and its still on hold.

I think we are going to watch the Country Music Awards since thats about all thats new is on tonight. So I will get this posted.  Its been another good week.

Thanks For Checking In!

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