Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Time to shift gears-Then the snow came back


Beautiful sunny morning.  About two weeks until our first trip of the year.  The UPS truck was here around 10am and picked up the scanner going back to Amazon, the new one should be here tomorrow.  We got ready and headed out to pick up the brush Bonnie pulled out of the flower beds and some of the branches around the yard.  On the way out I grabbed the window screen for Bonnie's window and put it in.  We got busy picking up the brush.

Getting started
We picked up and dumped 3 loads of brush and branches.  I also started the generator and it ran perfectly.

Bonnie calls these Snow Drops, first flower in the spring
 We also have daffodils blooming.  This Maple Tree is dead.  I posted a picture of it as free firewood and I think our friend Bill is coming to get it on Thursday.

Free Firewood
After we dumped the last load we decided to check out the woods.  Lots of down trees but only a couple across the road.  We stopped and moved the ones we could.  We made it back to 2 foot sluice pipe.  It was partly blocked and we could see where the water had run over the road.

Almost completely blocked
 I jumped down to see if I could clear it, usually there a branches that block the opening.

Pulling out branches
 I was able to pull out quite a few branches and get the water running good again.

All clear of branches
The next good rain we have should clear the pipe out.  I shower and took it easy the rest of the day.  I guess its part of aging but my knees and hips are really sore from not much work.  I talked to MCD today and decided to hold up on our order, there is not time to get them made and shipped here.  Looks like we will order them in a week or so and have them shipped to the Escapade.  They should be easy to install.  So I will put the valances back up in the coach and wait.


Its raining, has been since before I got up, not hard but steady.  The forecast is for rain until this afternoon.  Thats ok we are headed to Batavia.  I have a dermatologist appointment for a routine check.  Then we are having lunch with our friends Bob and Caroline, they just bought a new Honda CR-V to tow.  We also need to go to Walmart to return the battery and then to TOPS for gas as Bonnie has earned 60 cents a gallon savings.  We are also on standby to pick up our GD after a track meet (I hope the rain stops by then).

Well it rained all the way up to Batavia.  I was in and out of the DR pretty quick.  She froze a few spots near my eye, on my cheek, and on top of my head.  Still raining when we left.  Then we headed to the Sweet Ecstasy Bakery and Bistro to meet our friends for lunch.  This was located in one of the oldest buildings in Batavia.  It was a bank at one time and then used as the home of the Batavia Club, a mens club.  The food and ambiance was really good.  Caroline also brought me a gift of some pastry like desserts that I had admired in her blog some time back.

After lunch we went over to Tops and fueled up, then over to Walmart to turn in the battery and pick up some oil to change the oil in the house generator.  Then a quick stop at BJs to pick up a new card.  We then beat feet toward Elizabeth's to pick up Alexus.  She came home after school and needed a ride back to a track meet.  She called when we were halfway there and decided she was going to be to late for her event.  So we slowed down and headed home.

We carried in the groceries and took out the trash for tomorrows pick up.  While we were out FedEx delivered my replacement scanner.

Took a picture in case I have to repack this one again
I hooked up the scanner and it works just like it is supposed to.  I tried scanning a few things and so far so good.  We are on our way to being paperless.

Early morning tomorrow so I am off to bed.  Bill is coming to cut the maple tree down and turn it into fire wood.


Up at 7am and had some oatmeal and coffee.  Looked out and its snowing.

Snow in the air mixed with rain
Bill pulled in a little after 8am and we started on the tree.  I got on the tractor and took it up and used the bucket to put a little pressure on the tree in the direction we wanted it to go. Bill had trouble with his saw and I went down and got mine.  The tree was down in no time and an hour later it was all cut up, Bill did the saw work.

One big dead Maple tree all cut up, Bill made quick work of it
It continued to rain and snow and we were soaked.  The yard was way to wet and muddy to move all the wood down to the truck so we will have to wait a few days for it to dry out some.  Bill did cut up the maple that fell down along the side of the driveway and was able to load it in the truck and take it home.

I got a call, a friend needed help with his Yahoo mail account.  Once in the house I got dry clothes on and called him back.  It took about 30 minutes but we got everything reset and working.

Hot coffee and soup for lunch but I am still chilled.  Guess we will watch Deadliest Catch and try to warm up.  After I count out my medicine for the next month.

All set for a few weeks
I just can't get warm we turned up the heat, I put on a fleece jacket, and went out and got the mail to get my blood moving.

Bonnie made baked chicken wings for supper an they were really good.  The oven warmed up the house and I am nice and toasty again.  The snow and rain stopped and the sun actually came out for a few minutes and we had blue skies.  I did go out to the coach and put the valances back up in the bedroom.  I think we will order the shades from MCD tomorrow and then have them delivered to us at the Escapade.

Time now to post this and relax a bit.

Thanks For Checking In!

"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"