Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Where has the day gone.  We got up to a sunny morning but as the day went on it got cloudy and finally rained and rained hard.  Bonnie started the wash and took off for Warsaw.  So I tried to keep it going and went out to the coach several times to carry out some of our stuff and do some measurements.

We have been wanting to replace some of the pleated day night shades with MCD shades.  I did a lot of research, measuring, and called them today.  I even chatted on line to John Huggins, I knew he had replaced some of his shades recently.  After talking to him I went out and tried to take down the valances over the windows.  It was easier than I thought.  Four screws and the unit came off as a single piece.  That made it easy to measure and it will be easy to install the new shades.

There are two of these at the head of the bed
This is the other window over the dresser
This is the inside of the unit came off easy
I talked to MCD and they are sending fabric swatches so we can match them with the coach.  They say they will ship units within 7 days of us ordering them so we should have them installed by the start of the trip.

I also had to work on the garden way cart.  The handle pulled out when she was bringing in the groceries today.  Bonnie did a beef roast in the crockpot for supper and we had it with snow peas.
Then we settled down to watch some programs.


Still dark when the alarm went off this morning.  We are headed to the Mission today for a day of volunteering.  Its raining and yesterdays high of 76 is gone.  Its 35 out now and it is to get colder and perhaps the rain will turn white again.

We decided to take the CRV today since it is all will drive.  When I opened the car door no light, when I turned the key not even a click.  I checked the battery and it was dead.  We switched cars and headed out.  By the time we got town it was beginning to snow.  We were both busy all day.  Bonnie did scanning and I worked on statistics and did a little instructing on MS Word and how to do labels.  The day was over quickly and we headed home.  Not snowing down town as we headed to WalMart.  We needed a battery and Elizabeth needed ginger.  I got my battery but no ginger at WalMart.  So we headed across the street to Wegmans paid twice as much but got the ginger.

Once we got out in the hills it was still snowing but not sticking on the roads.  We went in and collected the trash, then I changed and headed out with the trash to the garage.  First order of business was to change the battery, the fifth one this week.  The change out was easy and went quickly.

New one is all strapped down just need to hook it up
Once hooked up I started the car and let it run a while to charge up the battery a little.  While it was running I ran the trash out to the highway.  Then I looked up the anti theft code on My Honda link site so that I could enter it into the radio and get it working again.  I was happy to see that the radio presets were saved.  A quick measurement and the battery seems to be charging so I think the battery just gave up the ghost on its own.

Bonnie had supper ready when I came in and it was good.  I have been trying to catch up on blogs and emails and still have a ways to go.   Going to relax a bit and then head to bed.


Nice and sunny but cold today, it never got out of the 30's.  I went out and checked the voltage on the new battery and it was good after setting all night.  Then I ran out and got the mail.  The rest of the day I was on the computer or watching you tubes on some things I was researching.

Water dripped off the roof and froze on this bush
Then we headed to church to celebrate a Passover or Seder meal.  It was very interesting and I think we learned a lot.

Parts of the Seder Meal
I got a text from Elizabeth while we were at church asking us to stop on the way home.  She was having trouble hooking up a printer.  We stopped and we were able to get it hooked up and working.

Finally home time to post this and get some rest.  Hoping for some warmer weather.

Thanks For Checking In!

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