Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Arrives


I was up until the wee hours of the morning so was still asleep when the phone rang at 9:20.  I thought Bonnie got it but she did not.  I got up and dressed.  Bonnie was up but had been in the shower.  She decided yesterday that it was time to see the Dr. so she was able to get an appointment for 10:15.  We got ready and left for East Aurora.  Then we headed to the pharmacy to pick up a couple prescriptions for her, hopefully these will speed her recovery.

Once home I got on the tractor and cleared some more snow and also shoveled some.  With the warm temperatures the next few days should see a lot of melting.  Bonnie made lunch and then went into lay down and rest.  I heard something outside and it turned out to be the propane truck filling us up, I hope this lasts us through the summer.  Its nice to have the full sunshine and warmer temperatures.

I headed out after supper for mens group at church.  We had a good time and this is the last meeting till fall.  Still above freezing on the drive home.  Pulled into the driveway and wondered what was on the driveway.  Its a raccoon just waking up from a long winter.  It acted half asleep and sat there cleaning itself as I watched.

Wake up sleepy head
There was a party for our Grand Daughter in Alabama yesterday and we got this picture.  What a cutie.

Happy Birthday


March threw all kinds of weather and temperatures at us, now that April is here I am hoping for some nicer weather.  In just about a month we should be in the House on Wheels headed West for Indiana.  Hoping that we can bring it home to the house soon.  Today was a beautiful day and it was nice and warm almost 60 out here on the hill.  Lots of snow melted and is almost gone off the roofs.  I did clear the snow off the back deck today and it is almost dry now.

My SIL came over this afternoon and I helped her file her taxes.  Then we visited a while before she headed home.  I ran the trash out to the road and thats about it for today.  It is to cool off a little but it should stay above freezing now for a while.

I guess I should enjoy this relaxed pace because things are about to get busy as the yard dries up and we prepare to leave on our trip.


Another nice day so far.  The sun is shining and while the temp started out in the 30s it is now up to 44 and may hit 50.  I sure would like to wash the cars but it may be a bit to cold for that yet.  At least the snow is still melting.

Lots of grass is showing 
 Where the sun shines the longest the grass is showing through

The last sliver of snow hanging on
While I hope this snow all melts and we do not get any more, you never know what April will bring.  I am thinking now that if we get the rain that is forecast the salt will get washed off the roads and then we can bring the coach home and start getting it ready for the summer travel.  Check out the various systems and clean it up.

Bonnie thinks she is doing better but it is still hard to tell, but we sure hope so.  The snow on the roof was gone by noon and I walked out to get the mail.  The house looked so nice in the sunshine.

Nice Sunny Day
I liked the picture enough to make it my computer desktop background.  I worked in the garage for a while and cleaned a little.  Then in for some TV and a nap.

I suggested Wings and Pizza for supper and Bonnie agreed so supper was indeed Wings and Pizza from Praller's in Varysburg.

 In Buffalo its Wings, they are never called Buffalo Wings.

Our dessert
Its been a good start to the week, nothing else planned for this evening so I will post this.

Thanks For Checking In!

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