Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hope the weather cooperates


Cool and sunny this morning but bright sun and a little breeze.  Hopefully the yard will dry out some.  I hope to start picking up the tree this afternoon without tearing the yard all up.  Bonnie got a call from the dentist yesterday asking if she could come in this morning so she has headed over there.

The weather seems to be cooperating so we headed out to clean up the branches and bark from the cut down Maple tree.

At noon we had a pretty big mess
We worked steady and I know I wanted to quit but Bonnie kept me going.  I was hungry but she said keep going.

We even managed to smile throughout the afternoon.
We picked up branches, I cut up branches that were too long, and we raked up the smaller piece along with the bark.

Finally it was time to dump the last of 7 loads
The yard is really wet but the tires on the Ranger did not tear up the yard too much.  The brush pile is growing.

Seven new loads dumped today
Now as soon as the yard drys up some Bill can pick up his firewood.  He already split and stacked the tree he took home yesterday.  And of course the yard looks much neater now.

Looks a lot better now.
I have already had a quick nap, Bonnie made supper, I took and advil, and I have spread Sports Cream on my knees.  Now its time to relax for the evening.


Up at 6 this morning, today is our day in at the Mission this week.  It is also Volunteer Appreciation day there.  A small celebration called "Thanks A Latte" is scheduled for this afternoon.  Looks like it will be a nice sunny day today but rain is in the forecast for latter.

We had an easy drive into the Mission today nice light traffic.  We hit the ground running lots going on.  I worked on the volunteer statistics and Bonnie got the birthday cards ready.  Once a month they have a birthday celebration for the men at the mission.  Cards, Cake, and Ice Cream.  Today also was a Volunteer Appreciation Event and we helped get ready for that.  We went out and picked up one of the volunteers and 2 dozen balloons.  The event went smoothly and was very nice and it was nice to see so many of the volunteers and here from the Mission Staff.

It was raining by the time we headed home.  Boy am I glad that we got the yard cleaned up yesterday.  I was so tired and still a bit sore from the cleanup yesterday.  Bonnie made supper and we are going to sit back and take it easy tonight.


Overcast and some rain this morning.  I would like to be able to work outside but its too cold and wet.  If it warms up a little I would like to set the air pressure on the coach tires and put the air pressure monitors on.  I like to do that at the recommended temperature which is around 65 degrees.

Well the weather never did cooperate today.  It rained off and on all day.  Bonnie made a trip over to her sisters and then to the farmers market in toward East Aurora.  I made a trip up to the court to pick up some mail and to say hello to all the folks up there.  I did not get to meet the new Judge yet as she was not there today.

Once back home I started on a project that I have been putting off for a long time.  I have a very old network hard drive I started moving all the files off of it onto a newer drive.  Once I finish I will retire the old drive and maybe replace it with a newer one.

Once the race from Richmond came on we started to watch it.  Looks like we will finish the race and then head for bed.  During the race I am still looking at routes and campgrounds that we could stay at.  It looks like Monday will be the nicest day of the coming week so will try to get a lot of outside stuff then.


The alarm woke me this morning to get up and get ready for church.  I made coffee and oatmeal, as I sat down to eat I noticed it was snowing out.  Its time for that to end.  Then the phone rang, it was Elizabeth letting us know that she needed to go early today as she was serving in the nursery.  So we put our schedule into fast forward and managed to leave almost 30 minutes early and we got there in plenty of time.  The good news is that the snow had stopped.

Church was awesome.  After worship we headed to East Aurora and made a stop to deposit some checks.  Then a quick stop at the farmers market to pick up some tomatoes.  We dropped off the girls and put in an order for Pizza and Wings.  The girls were coming out for the afternoon.

We picked up the food and the girls got to the house right after us.  I gave them a quick indoctrination on how the riding mower works since they are going to cut the grass while we are gone.  We ran through the operation and safety and topped off the tires.

The pizza and wings were good and did not last long.  Then the girls put a movie on that did not interest me and I napped.  I worked on both of their computers and got them working right.  Elizabeth worked on here school work and then they headed home.

Bonnie and I took the swatches from MCD out and verified that we had ordered the right color shades.  Thats about it for today.  We leave in a week, so we have lots of packing and sorting to do this week.  Tomorrow is supposed to be nice so I will try to get the outside things done.

Another good week in the books

Thanks For Checking In!

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