Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Golden Hill

Sunday continued

Here are a few Sunday pictures before we left East Aurora that I could not post last night.

Getting breakfast ready
Chef Scott with the pancake griddle

Relaxing before breaking camp

The girls stopped after church
We had taken our time heading up to the camp and it was soon supper time.

Bob had an opps coming down the steps with the stuffed peppers
Then it was time for a fire and wait for the sun to go down.

Art built a nice fire

Bonnie borrowed Jake for a while



Its a beautiful morning up here on the lake shore.  My Wilson Sleek cradle amplifier is working and boosting the almost non existent signal to pull in LTE and allow us to get email and slow pictures.

Beautiful view
Enjoying the sun shine
Jake enjoyed the sunshine
 I saw a couple state workers trimming bushes over by the Gazebo and asked if they could possibly trim our site a little.  They had to o get a ladder but they came back and did a nice job.

Ready to trim

No branches rubbing anymore, very nice.
I took a nap and Bob and Caroline went fishing, not sure what Art and Donna did I know they did a hike earlier.  Tomorrow we will pick some peaches and I made a few calls about that.

We stayed around the campground all day visiting with each other and our neighbors, turns out Bob also used to work with one of them in Batavia.  They were making a beef stew in a dutch oven, and stacked on top of that was another dutch oven with corn bread in it.  It smelled delicious.  I got out my new O-Grill and fired it up for the first time.  We put two large chicken breasts on it, Bob put a big T-Bone steak on, and Art put on a couple veggie hot dogs and it all fit on at once.  Being unsure of how it cooked I turned the temperature pretty low but it browned the meat nicely and cooked it quickly.  Everyone was happy with the way their food turned out.  We shared side dishes and dessert and once again it all went together good and everyone was full.

Are started a fire and we all sat around to watch the sun go down again.

Art is the fire master
Chatting around the fire

Sunset around 8:09pm

Caroline making sure she stays warm
Just about time to call it a night
Bob and I were the last two to leave the fire, same as last night.  However tonight he made sure he did not drop his glasses.  Bonnie was reading and I worked on the blog a little now its off to bed.


Tuesday has dawned another beautiful sunny day, with a nice breeze.  Cool enough in the shade to wear a light jacket.  We all left around 10am to check out the peach picking.  Art and Donna stopped at Brown Berry Patch to check on the already picked peaches, but they called us and said they were headed to Watts Farms to join us. 

Watts had nice flower gardens
Black eyed Susans

Hardy Hydrangea
And even had some peaches already picked.

Picked peaches
But we came to pick peaches.

This is the spot to start

The trees were loaded

Only about 16 peaches fit in a handle basket
We picked two handle baskets of peaches as did the Rindo’s.  Donna had one plus she picked some plums.  Bonnie also picked a couple pints of red raspberries.  It did not take long but we had a good time and enjoyed our selves.

We took the lakeshore road to get back to the campground, about a 30 minute trip.  We checked out a possible campground and fishing spot for Bob.  There were a lot of seasonal campers there and just a very few sites for overnight visitors.

Back at the campsite, still very nice out, time for lunch.  There is no internet at the moment, so I am just writing this in WORD and will have to cut and paste later.  Time for a nap I can not seem to stay a wake.

A few minutes nap and I was ready to grab a magazine and go out side to read.  As I went out I noticed Donna was out there so I joined her.  We chatted a little and read a little, she had her Kindle.  Soon Caroline came out to join us, then Bob, then Bonnie and soon Art.  We chatted a while and then decided it was time to start supper.  We each did our own main course and shared side dishes again.  Bob and I both had our grills going.

We did the meat on my O-Grill and the pan fried sweet potato fries on Bob’s.  All came out great again.  

Plenty of room on the new O-Grill
Then the highlight of the meal was the Fresh Peach Dump Cake that Bonnie made it was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!  There was one tiny piece left.  We had it with a little vanilla ice cream on top.  It was so good no one thought to take a picture.

Art got the fire going and we settled in to watch the sun set.  We watched a big freighter go by.

Freighter just to the right of the gazebo 

The clouds blocked the actually sinking into the lake of the sun but we had a beautiful fire.

Another beautiful evening on the lake
Pretty dark out tonight and the Canadian lights are a lot more visible tonight as is the Big Dipper and a lot of other starts.  Finally it was just Bob and I at the fire and we called it a night.  Once I got into the coach I realize I had left my camera out at the fire and went back out to get it.

That’s about it for today and tonight is our last night here at Golden Hill, tomorrow we head home.


The night was the warmest one of the six nights we have been out.  No need for heat this morning.  We all started to pack up around 9:30 and just took out time getting ready.  Bonnie vacuumed and cleaned the inside of the coach an I shook the rugs and packed up chairs and hoses.  The Rindos were the first to leave and then Hanson's.  We pulled out last and dumped our tanks and then hit the highway.  We pulled into home right at noon after an uneventful trip.

We unloaded the food and clothes and then Bonnie made lunch.  I called and got an appointment for them to work on the CR-V tomorrow afternoon.  After lunch I jumped on the mower and cut the front and rear yard.  I was going to quit but decided to fill the fuel tank and cut the little bit of grass out by the road.  I got out there and made one pass and noticed the fuel tank cap was missing.  So it took about 15 minutes of looking and praying but I found it.  When I started the mover up again the blades did not turn.  I looked and the belt was off.  To put it back on I had to take the deck off.  When I did that I could see the belt was really worn and cracked.  I try to keep a spare so I grabbed that and put it on.

Ready for to be cleaned and a new belt
Took an hour or so but ready to go again
The extra ten minutes turned into a couple hours but its all done.  Except for a few sprinkles the rain held off.  I put all the tools and equipment away, blew the apron off and cleaned up a little.  Then into the house for a nice hot shower.

When we got home today the bait station I made was missing in action.  I looked around and found it down in the woods, empty again.

I am guessing a Raccoon is dragging and opening the bait station

This is a view from where I found it back up to the coach
Well I think its time to close this update and maybe get a little rest.  I did make a new friend on the campout.  Jake is the Hanson's Rat Terrier and he seemed to enjoy sitting with me at least for a little while several times.

My new buddy Jake
Well we had a great time with friends and met some other nice people.  We also liked Watts Farms and plan to go back for Apples in October.

Thanks For Checking In!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 
― Albert Einstein