Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ride Height Valve


Busy day today especially for Bonnie.  I was up first did a quick email read.  I heard from Colton RV and they could not locate the part or kit I needed to fix the linkage on the ride height control.  So I called Heavy Duty Parts and they had a repair kit and put it on the counter with my name on it.  Cost was $17.68 (when in broke PA. it cost me $96 for a quick repair) they put it on hold for me.

Then I headed outside.  I dug some planks out of the wood pile and cut the edges at a 45 degree angle.  The are 4, 3, 2, and 1 foot long.  I will stack them so I can drive the coach up on them so it is safe to get under it to repair the drive height valve.

Step ramp for the coach
Then I ran in took a shower and we headed for Cheektowaga. We made the stop and picked up the linkage repair kit, good news its the right part.  Then over to La Bella's to meet some friends for lunch.  We had a great time catching up.  They had been on a tour of Ireland and Scotland so we got to hear all about that.  Plus they are planning to head to Yellowstone next year and we were able to give them some hints about visiting there.

Then we headed straight home.  One of the back wheels is making a noise on the CR-V until you step on the brake.  Hope to get a chance to look at that soon.  Once we got home Bonnie worked on backing the Odyssey for her 31 Party tonight.  I got the tools together and the new parts ready to work on the coach.  Then changed clothes.

New link and a spare
Then we pulled the coach up on the ramps and I crawled under and put the new end on the linkage.  Only took a few minutes.  Then we took the coach of the ramps and headed into the house.  I was entering stuff in the computer when I realized I did not tighten the clamp on the new part.

Yep I forgot to tighten that clamp on top Now its tight
So I had to get under the coach and again and tighten it.  I managed to squeeze under and get it tight.  All fixed.  Finally I could head in just as Bonnie left for her party.  Once I cooled down I had my left over lunch that I brought home and then took a nice shower.  I documented what I did today and put pictures and part numbers into Evernote for future reference.

So now we are ready to go camping tomorrow with some friends at the Fireman's field in East Aurora.  Now time to relax and get to bed early as I am helping at VBS tomorrow morning before we load up and head out camping.  Bonnie made it safely home so I am headed for bed.


Up early this am getting ready to head to VBS for the final day, 51 degrees burr.  Well the final day of VBS went quickly and then the kids and staff put on a final program for the parents.

The final song with all the kids on stage
All went well from a technical standpoint and once the pizza party started I headed out.  I made a short stop at the fireman's field where we are camping this weekend.  Two of the rigs were there and I said hello to them and then headed home.

Once home I changed clothes and then went out to look at the CRV.  Something is making a dragging noise int the left rear wheel.  I suspected the brakes but all looks good with the disk breaks.  I even pulled the caliber and made sure everything was free to move.  I think the noise is inside the drum part of the brake that is used for the emergency brake or I have a bearing going bad.  So when we get back from camping I think it will be going to the shop in case it is a bearing and covered by the warranty.

Changed clothes again and we loaded our clothes and food into the coach and hit the road.  We did not tow the CRV Bonnie followed me in the Odyssey.   We were the last of the four couple to arrive.  We sat and talked for a while and decided to head to the Iron Kettle for supper.  We made 6pm reservations and there was a table almost ready for us, they just had to find 2 more chairs.   Everyone commented that there meals were really good and one couple said they would be coming back soon for another dinner.

Back to the campground.  Bonnie was working on some Thirty One stuff and the rest of us went in the clubhouse.  I checked my email and Scott and I talked about things in general while the others played Mexican Train with dominos.  We all called it a night and I am updating this before I head to bed.

Took four picture but got all 8 of us.


Breakfast was at 9 this morning so we got to sleep in a bit.  I was running the heat pump to warm up the coach a little and Bonnie took a shower.  Well we are on a 30 amp circuit so of course we blew the breaker just before it was time to head to breakfast.  I had to find a screw driver to open the electric box but got it reset and we were back in business and we let the sun heat up the coach.  Breakfast worked out great and everyone just brought something to share.  We all had plant of good food to eat.

Chatting after a good breakfast
Bonnie and I ran to the bank to make some deposits after breakfast.  Then she dropped me off back at the coach.  I visited for a while with Bob and Caroline and then went back to get some lunch.  Bonnie pulled in as I got back to the coach and then Ron and Arlie pulled in in their car.  So they came into visit for a while.  Bob and Caroline then came over and we chatted for another hour.  Then we all went over to the club house for happy hour.  We had a few appetizers and everyone caught up on what has been happening with each other.

Happy Hour
Then back to the coach for a quick email check and then back together for a pot luck.  Bonnie had bought fresh produce and put together the fix ins for salad.  We had BBQ pork to eat.  Everyone brought their own meat and a dish to pass.  Once again we had plenty to eat and a nice variety.  Its almost Arts 73rd birthday so Donna brought a cake for him and we sang Happy Birthday!  It was German Chocolate, his favorite and mine.

We carried our stuff back to the coach, we had a little rain off and on, and then I headed back with the others to play Mexican Train.  Bonnie relaxed and read.  We played a few rounds and everyone was getting sleepy.  This camping and visiting tires you out.  So we called it a night.

Mexican Train
Time to call it a night.


Its our last morning at the Fireman's Field in East Aurora.  This afternoon 3 of us plan to move up to Golden Hills for 3 nights.  We had a little rain yesterday evening but nothing significant.  The sun is shinning this morning and it is to be in the mid 70's today.  So looking forward to a nice day.  Pancakes are on the agenda for today and its time to head over for breakfast.

Breakfast was fantastic and we were all fully stuffed.  After breakfast we cleaned up the clubhouse and then slowly worked on our own rigs and getting packed up but there was no real hurry to get going.  Some time after noon we took the key back over to the pizza shop and turned it and the payment for the weekend in.  They back to chat some more with the others under the tree.  Bonnie made a trip to Tops as did Art and Donna.  Elizabeth and Alexus stopped in to see us on their way home from church and visited for a while.  Then it was time to head out.  Art and Donna left first.  Then I moved out of the way so that Bob and Caroline could get out and use the dump station.  Then they hooked up their car and we headed North for Golden Hill State Park.

We pulled in just before 4pm, good thing the office closed at 4.  We got set up and soon Art and Donna pulled in as they stopped at their house on the way here.  I went over to introduce myself to the couple on the next site.  Low and behold it was Sue and Jay.  I used to work with Sue at Wyoming county.  Her and I often talked about camping up here at Golden Hill.  Wow small world.

We all made our own suppers but we did sit out at a table together.  Then after supper Art started a fire and we enjoyed it as the sunset.  No storms like last time we were up here.  It was a beautiful sunset.  Sorry no pictures.  The cellular network is really bad up here.  I am hoping that I can get this to post.  After that we all headed tot he coaches.  Everyone is a bit tired and ready for a good nights sleep.

I sure hope I can get this to post.

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