Thursday, August 14, 2014

Starting the days early-VBS Week


Up at 6am in fact it looks like that will be my start time everyday this week.   Today I need to be at church by 8:30 to work in the booth for Vacation Bible School.  I am running the video side today.

We had a lot of last minute things to get ready one at church but we were able to get started on time and things went pretty smoothly.  The groups of kids cycled through every 35 minutes and we even got a half hour break at 11:05.  All in all a good day.  I was headed home by 12:30.

On the way out this morning I noticed that the mouse bait was dragged out and all gone again.  So I figured I better build a better mouse bait station.  So I took an old coffee container and got busy.

Mounted the can over the spikes that hold the bait

Access hole for the mice
In place under the coach
Hot and humid so far today so I went in for lunch and to catch up online and on TV.  Later in the afternoon the wind picked up and it seemed to cool down a little.  So I went out fired up the lawn tractor and cut the back section of the yard where it was dry enough.  I wanted to get this done as it is to rain again tomorrow.  Then I got on to the tractor and turned the mulch pile and restocked it.  As I was finishing I noticed a bunch of bees, probable yellow jackets swarming around where I had just turned the pile.  There must have been a nest so I quite without getting stung.

I came back in and made a call to Roger about my HydroHot and had to leave a voice message.  He called back in about 40 minutes with good news.  They are going to provide a brand new current model AquaHot to replace my unit.  They want this one back to see what failed on it.  There are still some details to work out but this takes a big load off my mind.

Off to bed early tonight we head downtown to the mission in the morning.


We were up and on our way downtown to the mission.  Light rain here at the house when we left.  We were not there last week so I had a couple weeks of volunteer statistics and hours to catch up on.  So that kept me busy all day and Bonnie was able to finish her phone project.

We headed home and the sky was looking like a storm was coming.  We stopped long enough at Elizabeths to have a bowl of her homemade soup, it sure was good.  A look at the weather radar showed some heavy rain in the area, so we headed home.  I ran the trash out to the road and it was starting to rain.

Lots of heavy rain in the area, the news says it flooded parts of downtown.  Not too bad here at the house.  We did get a little over 1/2 inch and over 3/4 inch for the day.

Not an exciting day but a productive one.  Well I have made the decision to have the new Aqua-Hot shipped here and I will install it with a little help from some friends.  Roger will supply a kit with fittings and tools I may need.  The unit should ship in a few days and I think we still will be able to camp with our friends this coming weekend.  We may even have hot water if the leak does not get any worse.  I am hoping to finish the replacement install on the 25th.

Well another early day tomorrow so early to bed again tonight.


Wow what a day.  Its after midnight and I am just getting time to write the blog.

I was up at 6am and had breakfast and left for church to help at VBS again.  That went well.  It is overcast and cool today keeps looking like rain.  I got home after 1pm and Bonnie said she was not feeling all that great.  She did say that we needed to meet her sister at 7:30pm tonight (more on that later)

I needed to take some pictures for Roger so ththis at he can send me the installation kit for the AquaHot that should be here next week.  So Bonne and I went out to the motor home and I raised it up with the air bags so that there was room for me to get under it.  One under it there is plenty of room with the slide out.  I took off the back plate and took some pictures of the way the heater is hooked up.

This is the back and will be the difficult part I think.
Then the front side which should be the easier side.  More room to work and out in the open.

Front side
So I noticed while I was under the coach that the ride height valve linkage was broken again.  This happened last year on our trip to Pennsylvania to help at GAIN.  I think when I raised the coach up it might have broken.

Rubber part pulled apart.
So now I need to find that and fix it before Friday.  So that leave tomorrow.  I emailed Jeff at Colton RV and he got back to me but they were not sure what the part was but a tech called me and they are working on it.  I googled the part and found the part number and I think I can get it at a truck parts store when we go into Cheektowaga tomorrow, if Colton does not have it.

So come 7:00pm we headed for Carols with a recliner in the back of the CRV.  Jeff her neighbor came  over with his truck and we headed for Yorkshire to pick up a new loveseat for her parents new apartment, boy was it heavy.  Then we headed for the apartment in East Aurora.  Got there and it seems that the key got left at the house in Holland.  But Katie my niece was headed our way for work so she picked up the key and dropped it off.  While we waited we carried the boxes of household goods up that we brought and the recliner.  Then we tackled the heavy reclining love seat.  It would not fit in the elevator in the box.  So we unboxed and took up the three smaller pieces.  The we were able to get the rest of the base into the elevator and down the hall to the apartment.  Katie showed up with the key a short time later and we were able to move everything into the apartment.   I changed out the shower head for a handheld one and we headed home.  Got here a little after 11.  I wanted to check the part numbers for tomorrow and get the blog posted.

So now it time to post and get to bed.

Thanks For Checking In!

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