Sunday, August 10, 2014

Repair time again


I am up early this morning 6am and heading to the dentist for my semi-annual cleaning and checkup. Will see if I need any repairs.  Got the thumbs up at the dentist and got to visit a few minutes with some friends.  I stopped at the logging company for a few minutes and then headed home.  I wanted to take a quick nap but that did not work out.  Bonnie headed out to mulch some more around the trees.

I put on my big boy mechanic pants and headed outside.  First order of business was to put some stickers I found on the cars.

The car is still nice and shiny
Then I went down and put the registration sticker on the utility trailer.  Now for the big job.  I wanted to pull the burner on the HydroHot and see if I can see a leak.

This is the unit installed in the coach

The burner is nice and clean no dripping fuel

Nice and clean

But not the inside.
 The inside is all wet and you can see where the coolant is draining down the exhaust.  I smelled and tasted the fluid and it is definitely coolant.  I took a lot of pictures but they do not show what you can see with your own eyes.  I emailed them to Roger so he can see what he thinks about the proof for the warranty.  Then I put it all back together and fired it up to make sure the burner still worked.

Lots more fluid came out
I think the exhaust pipe was loaded with fluid and it came out in a solid stream while I ran the burner. I put the tools away and cleaned up.  Time for lunch and I could really use that nap.  Oh I checked the traps and no mice today.

Well I got that nap.  Still waiting to hear where they want us to take the coach for repair.


Looks like it will be another gorgeous day here in WNY.  Hopefully I can get out and cut the rest of the grass.  Still waiting to hear on my HydroHot repair.  No word so I called and Roger is still waiting to hear.  He forwarded the pictures I took yesterday to AquaHot and is waiting to hear back from them.

Bonnie mulched some more and then started to work on a craft project.  I went out to cut grass.  I did notice that the the board I mounted all the mouse bait on was dragged out from under the coach.

Baits all gone
We both smelled a skunk last night so I wonder if it got into it.  I may have to build a box for it to be in with a small hole for the mice.  No mice in the traps again today.  Well its too wet to cut grass so I grabbed the pruning shears and went around the edge of the yard and trimmed all the low hanging branches that hit me when I mow.

Does not show good but the side hill is all yellow wild flowers

Trimmed the low hanging branches
 Checked the mail just a piece of advertising for $500 off on a new MiniCooper.

Yesterday Bonnie asked about going to a Batavia Muckdogs game.  So we are heading to the game and the fireworks to follow.  But first we prepared a boneless pork roast to smoke

This is bound for the smoker
Finally at the game with a pretty lady

Muck Chow

Speedy guy rounding third
 He did score but we lost 4-2.

Homer the Muck Dog
 Then it was time for the fire works

The fireworks display was very nice and we were glad to see our car was not hit with any foul balls.

We had an uneventful trip home, did not see any deer and now off to bed we have an early morning.


6 am early, way early after getting to bed after midnight.  We are headed to a park along the Niagara river to help at the Buffalo City Mission Motorcycle Run.  It benefits the Kids Day Camp Program at the Womans Facility.

There were quite a few staff already at the Gratewick Park along the Niagara River in North Tonawanda.  The river views were a pleasant site all day, busy with boats.  We jumped right in and helped where we could.  Putting up signs and banners and covering tables.  The propane connections were really worn on the rental grills but I was able to get them hooked up and not leaking.

One of the banners
Icing down the drinks
Chef Mike testing the grill, a little lunch for us workers
Before long the bikers started showing up.  All makes of bikes even one Moped.

Bonnie worked with Chrissy and Elizabeth at registration
 I helped by getting the correct T-shirts sizes for them.  All in all there were almost 80 bikes registered.  There was also a silent auction and other ways to donate to the cause.  We bought a few of the tickets but we did not win anything.  Everyone got some gift and I got a Tim Horton's gift card.

This was the T-Shirt design
Bonnie chasing down some that needed to complete paperwork
There was coffee and donuts for the pre-race snack.

Tim Horton's
The drive off was at noon. The Niagara County Sheriff Deputies Provided the escort.

They did the front and rear escort
Riders Away
The riders rode about 50 miles to another park, took a break had a snack and then headed back.  Once they got back they had their meal and then the prizes were handed out and the drawing for the Chinese auction.  Soon it was over and it was time to tear down.  It always amazes me how fast what took a long time to set up comes down.  We soon were headed home.

We made a stop at SAMS club and then headed home.  Its nice to be home and relaxing a little.  Church and a family reunion tomorrow.


Church was good again as usual.  The small group studies were introduced today and we signed up for one over in Java on the Biblical significance of Israel (the Promised Land).  We start in September and finish before Thanksgiving.

Then on to the Williams reunion.  Almost 30 people showed up and we had a good time catching up with each other.  This was the 103rd annual reunion.  One of the ladies was 93 and so has been at a lot of them.

SIL, Niece (she was the bride a couple weeks ago), and Bonnie

Saying hello and getting ready to eat

Rescue Dog Bruno, very well behaved
So we had a good time over at the reunion but it was nice to get home and relax a little.  Well we got to relax after we put the pork in the smoker.  We caught up on TV and racing news and even got in a little nap.

Time to get the pork out of the smoker.  Out of the smoker.  Cleaned up the smoker racks and put the grill back on the roll around cart.  Now let it cook overnight.  I think I deserve a bowl of ice cream.  No other supper tonight neither of us were hunger enough to make it.

Well time to post this and get that ice cream.

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