Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tracking Shipments and Yardsales


The forecast heavy rains did not show up, no rain at all yet.  Thats good I think.  It was cool enough to sleep good and its sunny again this morning.  No tracking info is showing up on line for my aqua hot shipment and my install kit just shows in route.  Todays big plan is to take the CR-V to the dealer and see whats scraping in the back wheel.

I headed into West Seneca to Ray Laks Honda.  I had the first appointment after the guys came back from lunch.  About 30 minutes later I had the diagnosis.  I thought the noise was the left rear but the brakes were down to the backing plate on the right rear.  So I had them replace the rotors and pads on the back wheels.  They also checked, serviced, and lubed the front brakes.  It looks like the back breaks were not releasing due to corrosion.  The front pads were still in good shape.  So I was there a little over 3 hours at $105 and hour plus parts, plus the inspection that was due in Sept.  and a bill a little over $600.  If I had the time and knew it was not a wheel bearing I could have saved a couple hundred dollars.  Not counting my time and running around to get parts, cleaner, and lubes.  But its done and we should be ready to go after labor day.

While I sat in the waiting room I was able to track down where my Aqua Hot is.  It made it to Buffalo on the 19th and transferred to the company that will deliver it.  They should have called me but had not yet.  So I am glad I checked.  I got hold of Kings Express and they scheduled it to be delivered here to the house tomorrow.  The install kit is coming USPS all their tracking site is showing is that it is in transit.  So I sure hope that it is close by.

I headed over to Harbor Freight from there and picked up a couple 4 wheel dollies that were on sale.  Then I headed for Colton RV to check out their new facilities on Southwestern Blvd.  It is very nice and it seems very busy.  I did get them to open up some RVs for me to look at but nothing they had really interested me.  So I headed home.

I made two stops on the way home.  First at Tim Horton's to try their Pumpkin Iced Capp, it was pretty good.  Second stop was at CVS to pick up a RX for Bonnie.  I offered to pick up Alexus but she is at a friends house.  So I headed home.  Elizabeth pulled in right after me and picked up her peaches.  Bonnie was down getting a haircut and eating out with the girls.  I washed up the dishes and made myself a bite to eat.

Still catching up on recorded shows, but did not finish catching up before bedtime.

My nephew who is a Marine deployed again yesterday, on his anniversary.  Here is a picture as he gets ready to say good bye to his girls.


Today is day one of the big yard sale at Bonnie's parents farm.  She was up and gone before I woke up.  I was up at 8 today the AquaHot should come and the install kit.  I checked the online tracking and it still showed in transit.  So I made coffee and had breakfast.  I checked again at 9am and the install kit is on its way to Varysburg from Rochester.  I also called Kings Express and they verified the AquaHot unit would be delivered today before 3pm.  So I am here at the house until the packages are delivered.  Might as well wash the towels while I wait.

Well car in the driveway blows the horn at 11:05, its the post woman and she has the install kit from Roger, yeah!

Looks like the install kit has all that we need
Then about 45 minutes later I hear a truck backing into the yard.  All right its the AquaHot being delivered.  I unpacked both things and it all looks to be in good shape and we should be all set for Monday.

2nd delivery of the day

The AquaHot has arrived

Now to unpack it

No damage
The new unit came with a mounting plate, but it has a flange on the bottom.

The flange is made for new installs
I got to looking at it and emailed Roger.  He said he just learned that the flange can be removed.  Good deal I will not need to try to cut the floor of the compartment.  Plus I can use the mounting plate.

I took a rubber mallet to the flange.

Part way removed
Then I switched to a hammer and a chisel, much easier.

All done
This is the main unit, it looks much nicer than the one that is coming out.

New 450D
It only took about 5 minutes.  I took a lot of pictures for documenting the new unit and the numbers and labeling on it.  I think I hear the UPS truck, yep he brought the spare belt I ordered for the mower and Grill brush for in the coach to clean the O-Grill.  I went out and put that stuff away.

I am thinking Bonnie will be home soon.  She will be tired and the yard sale is again tomorrow.


Bonnie was up and off to the yard sale again.  Its overcast today but still very humid.  After breakfast I am planning to go out and drain the coolant out of the leaking HydroHot and save what I can for future use.

I finally got out and started around 11:30.  I assembled and cleaned out gallon jugs and found the fittings and hose I needed to do the job.  I loaded it all and some tools into the Ranger and headed down to the coach.

First load of parts and tools
I aired up the coach to raise it up a little and set up to drain the boiler.

Ready to drain
I got over 4 gallons out and it should be good to use in the future as its only 11 months old.  Then I took out what screws I could and removed the overflow tank.  The new tank uses bigger hoses and I need a big unibit in order to make the hole bigger through the bulk head where the overflow tube goes.  I un hooked the ac power and will swap the control board Monday after we take out the old unit and there is more room.  After doing all I could I cleaned up and moved up to the garage and the new unit.

Bare Unit
My idea is to make up all the connecting hoses and put what fittings I can in the the new unit.  That will make it much easier Monday.  Here is what I was able to do.

Ready for Monday
I was able to make up all the connections but two, with the fittings and hose Roger sent.  I will have to move the diesel fittings from the old unit on Monday.  So I cleaned up and headed in for some lunch around 2:30.

Bonnie made it home after the successful yard sale and we relaxed the rest of the evening.


Nice and cool last night and I slept good.  It was quiet when the alarm went off and I got up.  Then a short time later I heard the turkeys clucking and that must of woke up the crows.  Then the birds and now I mostly hear the trucks going by out on the highway.  Time to get ready and head for church.

Great message on marriage and weddings today at church.  Plus Elizabeth was up on the platform at the end of the service to make an announcement about the woman's retreat.  She was nervous but she did a great job.

After church Bonnie had a short meeting and then we headed for Harbor Freight.  I wanted to pick up some tools to clamp off the hoses coming from the engine tomorrow.  I found them and there was a big sale going on.  Bonnie bought some vinyl gloves for the coach and a holder.  After that we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant next door but it was not all that good and it was Expensive.  Then we headed home.

Hope I have the ones I need
Elizabeth called and invited us to supper at 6.  So we will pick up a Pizza, her treat and head in there. I am hoping for a nap first.  Well I got a short nap and then headed down to pick up the pizza and wings.  Bonnie was baking the shortcake so we could have peaches and shortcake for dessert.

We had a good time at Elizabeths and watch the movie "God's Not Dead", we all thought it was a very good movie.  Finally home and I am going to get this posted.

Forgot to mention the mouse bait was raided again last night.  I have to come up with a raccoon proof container.  At least I think it is a coon.

Raided again
Tomorrow is the big install day.  I would appreciate Prayers for knowledge, patience, and safety as we remove the old and install the new AquaHot.

Thanks For Checking In!

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