Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week off


After all the rain yesterday we pretty much stayed in the house all morning.  The mail lady did bring a couple packages to the door but left the mail out in the mailbox.  When Bonnie got a call I went out and got the mail.  Also checked the traps in the coach.  One mouse the other traps are still set.  So I emptied and reset it.  Then back in for a little lunch.

Later I headed out to look at a wet spot under the coach just to make sure it was not a leak.  But it was all dried up so I guess it was just water, which is good news.  I did see another mouse but he got away, so I set another trap next to the HydroHot unit.  Then I got out the ladder and decided to take a look at the awning over the door that will not extend.  I know the left cover needs to come off but can not figure out how.

Trying to get the cover off

Not much room to the left
Even if there was more room I can not find more that one screw that I can get at.  So I called Care Free the awning maker.  This unit has been discontinued and the replacement one is over $1200.  I asked how to get the cover off and they told me you have to drill holes in it and destroy it to get it off.  It seems these are made to be worked on when the awning is open.  Of course there is no way to manually open it.  Bonnie and I have decided it can stay this way for now.  I will check and see if the extended warranty will cover it.  So I put the ladder and tools away and retreated to the house.  Its not real hot out but it is sunny and humid again.


First day of school for our grandkids in Alabama today and the very first day for GD Reagan.  We have the Week Off from the mission because of some scheduled vacations.  The weather looked good this morning but then the clouds moved in and we did get a bit of rain.  The heavy stuff went south of us.  When I went out to get the mail I noticed a wet spot under the coach again.

This can't be good
 Coolant dripping from the Hydro Hot exhaust pipe.

This is worse
Enough that it made it all the way to the end of the pipe.  So it appears we have another leak in the new HydroHot.  It has a 1 year warranty so I contacted the company we bought it from and we are working on what to do next.

Bonnie went to Warsaw late this morning and extended her RV permit, got our new registration for the utility trailer, and did the grocery shopping.  She was home long enough to drop that stuff off and then she headed for her mothers to help with getting them ready to move.  I worked on getting the trash collected and out to the road.  Then went through more stuff in my room and took the hard drive out of a computer that no longer worked.  Once the rain came I sat down and watched the last episode of Lonesome Dove.

Bonnie came home after 10 and I think we are both ready for a good nights sleep.


Bright and Sunny this morning and it woke me up a little early.  I took care of some financial entries on the computer and then breakfast.  Turned on the computer and it reminded me that I had an early appointment at the dentist for a cleaning tomorrow, so I set the alarm for 6am.  Now to work on getting the coach looked at.

About all I did today was sent lots of emails and made some phone calls.  AquaHot wants me to get the coach checked at a Certified AquaHot Service Center, which is listed as Buffalo RV here.  I called them and was told that the one technician they had no longer worked there.  Colton RV where we bought the coach and where the new unit was installed has some trained technicians but AquaHot does not have a record of their certification.  So we are working on that.  Perhaps they will step up and become a Certified Service Center.  They sell Tiffins and a lot of them have AquaHot units.  While my unit is a HydroHot it is made by the same company before they changed the name.  So right now we are waiting to hear from AquaHot on where to take the coach.

We did not do much else today, we were really board and watched two movies.  One "Hatch" was ok and the other was not don't even remember the name.  Now for the news and supper.

Looks like our we need to change our passwords again after the Russian Hackers broke into hundreds of thousands (420,000) of websites.  So I will go ahead and get this posted for tonight.

Thanks For Checking In!

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― Albert Einstein