Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lots of deer and Lots of Wind

I nice sunny cold day.  Great to see the sun and get out of the house.  I read some this morning and then went out to shovel off the deck so the sun could finish it off.  I also went out to sweep and squeegee the water out of the garage.  The frost has heaved the concrete in front of the garage so that all the rain water now runs into the garage.  Hopefully when it thaws the concrete will go back down so it will drain away from the garage.  It used to have a 2 or 3 inch drop so here's hoping it goes back down.
This was Saturday Morning

Snow covered again after Sunday's snow

Much better than what was on the roof back in January
While I had the vehicles out of the garage to sweep out the water, I fired up the Polaris Ranger and used it to run out to get the mail.  I wanted to go back in the woods to the check on the 3 foot sluice pipe.  So I made it up into the yard but the snow, while it is only about 6 to 8 inches deep, is wet and tough going so I did a loop around the yard and put it back in the garage.  Maybe after more melting the next few days I can make it.  Its down into the teens again this evening so everything will be frozen hard again.  I have measured 151 inches of snow this year here at the house, wow.  Only about 12 days till the end of winter.

I woke up with a start this morning, it was so bright in the bedroom I thought it was 9 or 10.  I sat up quickly rubbed my eyes and checked the clock 7:50am, within a few minutes of my normal wake up time, at least lately.  So great to have sunny days.  A lot more of the snow should melt today and tomorrow.
I looked up from the computer a few minutes ago and saw this out back.

Almost on the deck
I posted more on facebook but turns out there were about 11 deer out in the back yard eating the grass.

Notice he is stomping his foot.
Bonnie got home on time and we headed for WW we both are still losing.  Then over to Elizabeths for supper and the ladies headed to church for a study on Spiritual Gifts.  I stay with Alexus so she is not alone.  We played Wii and I worked some on getting my PDAnet to get it working, but had to wait till I got home and downloaded and reinstalled it.  Got a call from my son while I was in there, they are heading to the Dominican Republic for a vacation, but I did not get the dates.  Its down to freezing again so but not as cold as last night.  Weatherman says lots of wind and rain tomorrow and in the 40's.  Time for a little reading then off to bed.

Wow where does the time go.  I was up early but it is already 10am.  I am headed to Batavia today.  Lots to do.  I have to return an item to Lowes and I have a list of things to check out there.  Then I want to go and check on tire prices as I need to replace the tires on the Motorhome since they are 8 years old.  Then I am stopping at some RV friends house to help them with their blog and perhaps some other computer issues.  Just looked out and I see snow in the area.  It is to be in the 40's today so it should change to rain.  We are under a wind advisory and it sounds very windy out.  Because of the hill to our West most of the wind stays above our trees and goes over top us, but it sure is noisy.
Busy day, I made it to Batavia early and checked on tires and got some quotes, then got gas at Tops and saved $.70 a gal with Bonnie's Tops points from buying groceries (under $3.00 a gal), then helped some RV friends with their computer questions, plus we did a lot of visiting.  Next thing I knew it was 5:30 so I headed home and arrived as Bonnie pulled out to go to her sisters.  She is home now, we watched a little TV and she has headed off to bed.  I am doing some research on the tires but am leaning toward the Michelin tires.  The wind is really howling and is to blow all through the night, but it is warming up as the night goes on.

Its getting late so I will go ahead and post this
See Ya and thanks for checking in.