Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Moves to the Back Burner

First off I want to wish our youngest grand daughter Happy 1st Birthday hope to see you soon.
Well after Old Man Winter pushed Spring to the the back burner yesterday today dawned sunny, always a good sign.  We got an additional inch of snow so thats not bad, total of 6 for the storm.
Today is towel day for the the wash and dry cycle.  I also am hoping to get over to our church and get the wireless network up and running.  We have dsl service there and have had a rough time getting wireless to work.
Finally success with the wireless.  I finally broke down and called Verizon Tech support.  Five minutes later it was working.  They said we needed to call them to get into the modem and activate it.  We had been trying to do it on line like we thought we were supposed to.  I told the tech he did a great job and it was the best experience I ever had when calling Verizon.
Then I was able to stop at the hardware and get a belt for a dirt devil vacuum.  Bonnie had bought it in her travels for a few dollars and all it needed was a belt, I think it will work well in the motorhome.
I got home and since the sun will still out I cleaned the snow off the deck and the sun has dried it all off.
We had a good meeting with our financial advisor and he gave us several options and lots to think about.  We are still deciding about trading RV's and Bonnie wants to take another look and ride in the one on Saturday.
Its cold again tonight and time for me to head to bed.

Another cold but sunny day.  Where oh Where is spring.  Just around the corner maybe.  Yes nice weather should be here soon.  No construction here at the house today, but they will be here Monday afternoon again.  Bonnie is grocery shopping after work today so will be home a little late.  Then tomorrow we are looking at flooring for the house in the morning and then another look at the MotorHome in the afternoon.
I went up and caught up at court today and also did most of the laundry.  Now catching up on podcasts and doing a little research on line.
Bonnie went grocery shopping after work today and then fixed a nice dinner when she got home.  We caught up on all that the DVR had recorded and now its off to bed.

Another busy day.  We headed up to Attica to look at carpet, laminate, and vinyl floor coverings.  Bonnie brought home a few samples and they are coming on Monday to measure so we know how much we need.
Then we headed off to the south towns so that Bonnie could take another look at the RV and she also took it for a drive.  She is really happy with and it solves the things she does not like about the one we have now.  Its a little bigger, a lot less wind noise, and rides nicer without a harsh clunk on rough roads or bridge joints.  Now to figure out how to pay for it and take a day or two to make sure we are committed to this upgrade.
We stopped at Elizabeths after we ate a late lunch.  She has spent the day cleaning and rearranging her place.  Alexus went with the youth group into the city to do some mission work.
It stayed cold all day again today and the forecast says it will not be above freezing until Tuesday.
Time to relax and then off to bed.  I have not been reading lately.  I finished "Who Stole My Church" last week and just have not decided what to read next.

Really cold again this morning but no snow.  We went up to Attica for church and came home and took it easy.  Checked the wireless router I got set up earlier this week and all is working as it should be.  I have had a sore throat for the last two nights and now today a cough also, plus a headache.  This will be my third night of Nyquil.
Bonnie is sold on the idea of buying the motorhome we have been looking at for the last couple of weeks.  So I spent the day researching a insurance and warranties and financing.  If all goes well we may soon own a new to us motorhome.
Have a good week
Thanks for checking in.