Sunday, March 20, 2011

No More Chains!

Being an optimist I took the chains off the tractor yesterday, hoping we do not have much more snow.  I will wait a few weeks to take off the snow blower and put the loader on.
Woke up a little late again this morning which puts me behind for the day but only about 45 minutes.  Its a nice sunny day and supposed to get in the 50's.
I wrote the other day about a MotorHome that caught our eye.  Well Bonnie and I both liked it at first glance, so I am going in today to look it over and take it for a drive.  Today is a much nicer day than the first time we walked through it.  Other than that not much is planned for today.
I spent a few hours driving and looking in every nook and cranny.  It is really nice, low mileage and a reasonable price.  What to do.  We talked and decided to pray about it and seek the advice of our financial advisor, so that is what we will do.

Up bright and early trying to catch up a little from being gone yesterday.  Washed the towels and clothes and then ran up to court.  In between Bill, a friend and contractor came to look at a wall and fireplace we want to remove.  He said it looks doable and will be here Monday to start, should only take a couple days.  I also emailed and talked to our financial folks and he asked for a bunch of information that he will review and we have a call set up for 10am Monday morning.

What a busy day.  It is 10pm and I am just starting to relax, still have blogs to read but caught up on email.  We did a few things around the house here this morning.  At noon we left for N. Tonawanda to attend a reunion party for the group Bonnie went with to the Dominican Republic.  It was a really nice get together and we were there until almost 3:30pm.  Since we were so close to the main store of Colton RV we stopped to take a quick look at a unit with a bath and a half.  We did not really like it and ended up looking at 3 or 4 more units but nothing held our interest for more than a couple minutes.  So we headed home.  We made it home by 5:30 and changed and headed right over to Bonnie's sisters so I could get a haircut.  When we got there we got to see two of her sisters and Mom and Dad came by also, so we had a real nice visit.  By the way, the temperatures are back in the low thirties and there were tiny snowflakes in the air.
Now time to relax and read a little.

Cold morning today but the sun came out and we almost hit 50.  This is the first of two Maple weekends that the local producers put on.  They open up their sugar houses and woods to visitors and each has their own special activities.  There are also lots of pancake breakfasts.  So after church today we went to the Attica Fire Departments breakfast.  This makes quite a few years in a row we have been there.  I counted up all the points for WW and wow almost a whole days worth.
So today has been a relaxing day, rest, a little NASCAR, a little basketball, and now watching a movie with my nephew.  Bonnie's sister is over and they are busy painting and scrap booking in the basement.  We moved around the furniture to clear the way for the fire place to come out tomorrow.  (Note to self, take some pictures of the project.)
I will post this and start a fresh on tomorrow
Here is the walled cleaned off and the fireplace that is being removed.

Thanks for checking in.