Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Walls Came Tumbling Down

I got up a little early today.  Bill and Jeff were to be here by 8:30am to remove the wall and fire place.  Sure enough they were right on time.  With in an hour the wall was gone and the Fireplace unit was sitting on the lawn waiting for the ground to dry out and I will remove it with the tractor.  This unit was vented from outside so there are some holes to patch in the siding but all is pretty much ready to put up drywall and we are 90 minutes into the project.
The guys had to go get dry wall and electric supplies, they were back before I could make a sandwich and eat it for lunch.  They had everything needed and before I knew it the dry wall was up on the ceiling and walls, the 5 new electric boxes were installed and Bill started to mud the wall.  Jeff gathered up the tools and cleaned up the debris.
They were done for the day by 2pm all the seams have their first coat and are drying.
We have wanted this done for several years (Bonnie might say forever).  This is the first time we have ever had work like this done in the house and I am so glad we waited for these guys to do the work.  Just a super job and tomorrow the walls should be finished and primed and the electric hooked up.
I did contribute by running the wire for the new circuit through the floor joists today.  Can't wait till tomorrow.
Here are a few pictures from today.

This is what it looked like last night

The demo started as soon as they got here
10 minutes the dry wall is gone
The studs are all gone.
The fireplace unit gone
As soon as it dries out a little I will move this with the tractor
All 590 Pounds
The vent holes need to be patched and closed in.
Outside wall is all patched and insulated ready for drywall
Ready for siding
I needed one more piece from the house this one is an unfaded one from the garage.
I know Bill is not happy with it.
It is not even 11am yet.
New boxes for electric and cable
Ceiling is patched
Walls being mudded!
All done and drying for the night

Some of the debris which is all hauled away now.
and its now quite 2:00PM
So its Tuesday and its 8:30am and I hear the guys vehicles pulling in the driveway.  Wow two days and right on time.  Five minutes later the dry wall compound AKA mud is mixed and being spread on the walls.  Bill was doing that and Jeff installed the plugs into the wall.  Then he helped Bill finish the second coat of mud.  That was quickly done and then off to the basement to make the final hookup in the  electric box.  Presto five new outlets came to life.  We then discussed the wall cabinets Bonnie wants built and the crown molding.  Bill made some quick sketches and took measurements and will design it at home.  Then Bonnie can give her ok to the drawings and we can proceed.  They were gone by 11 and I changed and headed to a retirement luncheon.  I friend I worked with in Buffalo was retiring from his part time job and they had a surprise luncheon for him and were nice enough to invite me.  It was a nice affair and we had a good time.  We both get our first social security checks next month.  Then back home changed clothes, collected the trash, and emptied the cat box.  Then I stripped the border off one wall in the living room in preparation for the crown molding.  It was time for Bonnie to get home so I changed again so we could dash into WW weigh in and then a quick supper at Elizabeths and off to a Scott Krippayne concert at Randall Memorial Baptist Church.  Busy day.
Home finally at 10:30.  Bonnie helped me move the couch so I can remove the rest of the border in the morning.  I will read my email and then off to bed.  The guys will be back late morning to skim coat the wall and then prime it.
End of Day 2 all set just needs to dry

Woke up this morning to 4-5 inches of snow and it continues to snow off and on, right now it is heavy again.  The guys had another job this morning and said they would be here late morning and I am thinking the snow will slow them down some so it may be afternoon.  I got right to work on removing the rest of the border and that only took about an hour.  Then I took the baseboard radiators apart and cleaned them.  So now I am having my second cup of coffee just after 11.  Next its outside to shovel some snow as it looks like it may snow the rest of the day since radar shows snow way up into Canada and moving this way.
I finished cleaning up the driveway and was making a sandwich when the guys got here.  A little bit of sanding and touchup and the wall was ready to paint.  Bill put the primer on and cleaned up and was ready to go.  He took a quick look at the laundry room and we checked out vinyl planking on the internet.  Plans are now for him to come back Monday night to talk to Bonnie and see what all she wants done.  He did draw up the design for the wall unit so I will show Bonnie that tonight.
Border neess to com on down

All gone

The wall is all primed and awaiting a decision on the wall unit and flooring.
Design for the wall unit.
 Thats about it for today.
Thanks for checking in.