Sunday, March 6, 2011

New MacBook

Well the day got off to an exciting start.  The smoke alarms in our house went off at 1:17am this morning.  They only beeped for 1 or 2 seconds, but enough to get my heart racing and I think my feet hit the floor before the short beeping stopped.  Must be my Navy training from when General Quarters sounded at night.  So I checked everything over in the house and the basement plus the cat had not moved from her chair.  So I went back to bed and tried to sleep.   1:54am and another couple seconds of beeps.  Up again and checked everything again.  Then back to bed, but I did not sleep well.  When I got up I went to Google and read that the best thing to do was to clean the detectors.  So I got out the vacuum cleaner and cleaned them the best I could.  Our detectors are AC powered with battery backup and I checked them also.  When on goes off they all go off.  So far they have not gone off since I cleaned them.

Now the new book.  The new book is a new MacBook Pro laptop.  I hooked the old and new computer together went to the Migration Assistant started it and an hour later my new computer was loaded with all my programs and "Just Works" so far no problems.  All my files, settings, and applications seem to be here.

The new parts
Now back to reality, we have another winter weather advisory for freezing rain in the morning.  Now a little time for reading, the new book is "Who Stole My Church" by Gordon MacDonald.

Nice and sunny when I woke up this morning.  No smoke alarms last night, but the internet research I am seeing says they should be replaced after 10 years.  So I am looking at that.  I have 5 sensors to replace so should be less than $100 and I can do it myself.  The new water filter for the MH came and I looked it over, I am hoping it will be an easy install and should give us great tasting water.
Everything is going well with the new computer and I went through the old one and deleted my files so it will be in good shape for the new owner.  We were well above freezing today and with the sun lots more snow melted.
We went out to eat with some friends this evening to The Lodge for a fish fry.  Its the second time I have been there and it was good.  It was raining a little when we got there but not too bad.  Now time to relax and read a little.  The weatherman is promising lots of rain and melting tomorrow.
This is our seasonal stream through the back yard.

Woke up this morning and it was raining and a little above freezing so lots of snow melting.  Its up in the 40's still well after dark.  I worked up at court for awhile and Bonnie took our cat Emily to the vet for a check up.  Emily is now on a diet the vet said she was to fat.  She now only gets 3/4 cup a day instead of what ever she wanted out of the feeder.  Already she is not happy about that.  Then Elizabeth and Alexus came out.  Bonnie and Elizabeth have gone to a scrap booking marathon at church and Alexus and I are keeping busy on the computers.  They called around 6 and said they would not be home until after 10.  Wow they went at 2.  Anyhow it has rained all day and the snow is disappearing.
However the for cast is for 3 to 8 inches of snow starting tomorrow again.  But then each day is to be above 32

Surprise looks like the temperature dropped almost 20 degrees over night and the rain changed to snow.  Everything is white again.  The deck has about an inch of snow on it and its still snowing.  Well time to finish my coffee and get ready to head to Attica for church.
About 4 to 5 inches of snow total by the time we got home from church.  Bonnie and Elizabeth decided to cancel the bowling date and stay off the highways.  Shortly later it stopped, I went out and cleared the driveway and walkways.  Tough snow it kept packing up the chute of the blower.   We are now settling in to read and watch the race from Las Vegas.
Well the race got a little boring so we decided to watch a movie on TV from the iTunes store, but it would not download.  So then we tried Netflix and it worked just fine.  Then we tuned in to see the end of the race and watch Carl Edwards win and do his trademark backflip.
After a good supper we watched a couple shows, then Bonnie went to bed and I read a little.
Decided I should get this posted and head to bed its almost midnight.

Thanks for checking in